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Bright Moments Venice: The Finale ft Seth Goldstein

Kaloh's Podcast | Seth Goldstein is an entrepreneur, art collector, and mentor, who co-founded Bright Moments and led pioneering ventures for two decades.

Seth Goldstein is an entrepreneur, art collector, and mentor, who has led pioneering ventures for two decades. He founded Bright Moments in 2021, a digital art gallery fostering crypto art communities worldwide, pioneering live IRL minting experiences with digital artists. Co-founding companies like SiteSpecific and Majestic Research, he's made waves in internet advertising and data analysis.

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In today’s episode, we discuss:

Venice's Unique Vibe (00:02:07) Seth describes Venice, Italy's unique lifestyle and atmosphere, focusing on its small streets and artistic history.

Bright Moments' Finale in Venice (00:03:14) Seth explains the significance of Venice for the Bright Moments project's finale, including minting crypto citizens and the finale project.

Showcasing at Venice Biennale (00:04:30) Seth discusses the international art fair and festival, Venice Biennale, and the deliberate timing of the Bright Moments finale to coincide with the event.

Cultural Awareness and Evolution (00:07:10) Seth reflects on the journey of cultural awareness and sophistication of the Bright Moments project from London to Paris.

Challenges of Nomad Life (00:09:37) Seth shares the complexities and emotions of living a nomadic lifestyle for three years and the toll it takes on relationships and work.

Economic and Market Changes (00:12:00) Seth discusses the economic volatility and market changes experienced by Bright Moments, including shifts in cryptocurrency values and competition from other projects.

Incorporating Shiny Objects (00:15:42) Seth addresses incorporating new trends like meme coins, Ordinals, and Farcaster into the Bright Moments finale event.

Future Plans for Bright Moments (00:27:17) Seth hints at taking a breather after the finale and reflects on the team's hard work, expressing a desire for people to reflect on and appreciate the minted NFTs.

Decentralization and community events (00:31:17) Discussion on decentralization, community-hosted events, and the shift of decision-making to the community.

Meme coins and art market trends (00:35:11) Their impact, and the trends in the art market.

Artist and collector challenges (00:42:05) The challenges faced by artists and collectors in the current art market, including the need for experimentation and adaptation.

Ordinals and the Bitcoin ecosystem (00:45:29) Discussion on ordinals, its relationship with the Bitcoin ecosystem, and limitations compared to Ethereum-based art projects.

Until next time,

- Kaloh

Mentioned: Piter Pasma, Monica Rizzoli, Phil, Spongenuity, Venice Biennale, Bright Moments, Crypto Citizens, Foundation, Ethereum, Solana, Bitcoin Ordinals, Base, Coinbase, Farcaster, MetaMask, Tezos, OpenSea, Tyler Hobbs, Zancan, Zach Lieberman, Casey Reas, Lauren Lee McCarthy, Martin Grasser, Camille Roux, Squiggles, Mitchell F Chan, Sofia Crespo.

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