Blending Life Experiences into Art with AI ft. Richard Nadler

Kaloh's Podcast | Richard Nadler is a German generative and AI artist known for blending vibrant colors and unique textures to explore identity.

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Richard Nadler, Kaloh's Podcast

Richard Nadler is a German generative and AI artist known for blending vibrant colors and unique textures to explore identity. His techniques include latent diffusion, GAN, and code-driven art, with notable work in his Japanese GenArt Collection Yamabushi's Horizons and Izanami Islands, inspired by his deep connection to Japanese culture.

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In today’s episode, we discuss:

Richard's background and artistic influence (00:01:33) Richard shares his family's connection to art, his upbringing, and the influence of traditional German art on his work.

Inspiration behind Yamaguchi Horizons and Izanami Islands (00:11:36) Richard explains the personal experiences and memories with his father in Japan that inspired his Japanese-themed art collections.

Reception and success of Yamaguchi Horizons (00:18:28) Richard reflects on the overwhelming reception and success of his art and the impact it had on people.

Continued evolution and experimentation (00:21:19) Richard discusses the importance of evolving as an artist and experimenting with new techniques and styles.

Richard's technical setup and process (00:23:17) Richard shares insights into his artistic process, tools, and the technical setup he uses for creating digital art.

Fine-tuning AI models (00:25:48) Richard discusses the process of fine-tuning AI models and the constant adjustments and experimentation involved.

Future projects and artistic process (00:39:52) Richard outlines his upcoming projects, emphasizing the time and effort required to create unique and special artworks.

Advice for emerging artists (00:44:28) Richard offers advice on navigating the digital art world, emphasizing the importance of marketing, maintaining a unique artistic vision, and perseverance.

Engaging with collectors (00:50:11) Richard discusses the value of engaging with collectors and fostering conversations to gain feedback and insights into the reception of his art.

Inspirational Artists (00:52:24) Richard shares three artists who inspire him, including Mario Klingemann, Gerhard Richter, and Damien Hirst, discussing their experimental and shocking art styles.

Mentioned: Mario Klingemann, Damien Hirst, Yamabushi's Horizons, Izanami Islands, Verse, Bright Moments, NFT Paris, Leander Herzog, Fellowship, Franz Marc, Paul Klee, Otto Dix, Alejandro Cartagena, Gerhard Richter.

Until next time,

- Kaloh

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