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Bjorn Staal takes Tezos and Ethereum by Storm with Entangled

Rodeo by Foundation, A new Academy by Blind Gallery course and more

Hello friends!

Kaloh here with another update.

For all the new subscribers, this is the hidden gems issue, where I share a curated list of onchain art, products and content that caught my eye over the past week.

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💎 Gem of the Week

Entangled by Bjorn Staal

Last week, Bjørn took Ethereum and Tezos blockchains by storm with 'Entangled'. This piece exemplifies ongoing innovation and creativity in the digital art space.

256 pieces were minted on each of the Ethereum and Tezos blockchains. Each piece forms a pair, with one part on each blockchain.. To understand the reason why 'Entangled' was released this way, you should look at the artwork - each piece can react to its counterpart in a different browser window.

It is performing quite well on the market:

  • Ethereum: ±20 ETH primary sales, ±6 ETH secondary sales, 0.1 ETH floor, ±30% listed for sale.

  • Tezos: ±60k XTZ primary sales, ±10k XTZ secondary sales, 333 XTZ floor, ±20% listed for sale.

🔥 Product to Watch

Rodeo by Foundation

I've been enjoying Foundation's new app, Rodeo. Currently invite-only, it will soon be open to everyone.

Here's an NFT by Kayvon, Foundation's Co-Founder, that explains the concept behind Rodeo.

📊 Chart of the Week

Top 10 Countries by Crypto Adoption

Chart Insights

  • Close to 100 million people own crypto assets in India.

  • From the top 10 countries, 7 are located in Asia.

  • Nearly a quarter of Vietnam's population holds crypto assets (22%).

Introduction to Pixel Shaders by ilithya

For those new here, I've been developing an educational platform for blockchain art and culture through Blind Gallery.

We have announced multiple courses, including the soon-to-be-released 'Introduction to Pixel Shaders' by ilithya. Pixel shaders are one of the core tools used to create generative coded art.

Ilithya, a talented creative coder, has been teaching shaders for several years. She also shares her daily shaders series on her Instagram account. Her course is a step-by-step introduction to pixel shaders, consisting of visual and audio material, practical examples, and theory.

Follow Blind Gallery and ilithya to get notified when the material is ready. I can't wait to get this out!

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