Beef brothko left us less cultured, MoMA Postcard, Unlimted physical Ringers and more!

+ an interesting article about scalpers

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Hello friends, I hope you had a fantastic weekend.

Here is another weekly digest issue, where I share 5 exciting news from the generative and AI world:

1. Kaloh’s Podcast: Aleksandra Art & Laurence Fuller

Last week, I shared my first live-stream Podcast recording. Aleksandra Art was the guest, and we had a great conversation about digital art events, curation, her role at Joyn, and more.

You can now follow the Podcast on YouTube (Subscribe here).

Today, I will livestream the podcast recording again; this time, the guest is Laurence Fuller, an actor, poet, artist, and collector. We’ll discuss the Hollywood strike, his acting and artist career, and more.

Episode 14: Laurence Fuller is an actor, poet, artist, and collector. He is best known for his lead roles in feature films "Road To The Well", "Apostle Peter & The Last Supper" and "Paint It Red" and for storytelling through his digital artwork.

2. beef brothko by die with the most likes

The eccentric artist released this controversial series at Glitch Marfa during the annual ArtBlocks event. A reader posted this collection on the premium members Discord as it was minting live on Marfa for 0.0365 ETH, and it quickly rose to a 0.62 ETH floor (at the time of this writing).


beef brothko by die with the most likes. Image courtesy of Pindar Van Arman.

The collection and how it was showcased is a critique of what is happening in the generative art space. AI artist Pindar Van Arman wrote a fantastic thread titled Top Ten Cool Things about Beef Brothkos.

We all went to the show for a little culture, but Die gave us an experience that actually left us less cultured. Everyone that went to the Flee Market is now less human and a little dumber for having gone.


beef brothko by die with the most likes set up at Glitch Marfa. Photo credit by die with the most likes.

3. Ringers by Dmitri Cherniak - The LACMA Iterations

Dmitri Cherniak teamed up with LACMA and Avant Arte for a new iteration of the popular Ringers series. This will be an open edition where all the pieces will be printed and shipped worldwide.

Ringers by Dmitri Cherniak - The LACMA Iterations.

Ringers by Dmitri Cherniak - The LACMA Iterations.

  • Price: € 968 (incl. VAT)

  • Supply: Unlimited for 24 hours.

Learn more here.

Three days ago, this Fidenza sold for 53.7 ETH (±$85,000), making it the weekly highest generative art sale. The buyer got a sweet deal as Fidenza’s floor is over 65 ETH.

Fidenza #60 by Tyler Hobbs.

I tracked it down using Kaloh.Space; a tool I built to aggregate data, collections, and artists from multiple generative art markets. Try it now and let me know what you think ✌️

Kaloh's Space

4. MoMA Postcard

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) announced the MoMA Postcard, teaming up with 15 digital artists and Autonomy Wallet.

NFTs and blockchain can be daunting to some and off-putting to others. Engaging with web3 technology in a disarmingly fun way, the MoMA Postcard project aims to create a welcoming environment for learning, experimentation, and conversation around these nascent technologies.

Featured artists: @annaluciacodes, @REAS, @dmitricherniak, @GrantYun2, @ix_shells, @kimasendorf, @LindaDouniaR, @lovidlovid, @operator_______, @osinachiart, @p1xelfool, @petereburr, @isthisanart_, @sashastiles, @ykxotkx

It is great to see artists I’ve been in touch with featured in such a special project. Learn more about LovidLovid, Casey Reas, and Sasha Stiles:

  • 🎧 Studio visit with LovidLovid 👉 here.

  • 🎧 Casey Reas Podcast episode 👉 here.

  • 🎧 Sasha Stiles Podcast episode 👉 here.

5. Interesting Read: Ticket Master Scalpers Problem

The following article by Jason Koebler goes deep into the scalper problem TicketMaster has been facing for a while. When you think about it, it is quite similar to what we face in digital art when trying to collect hyped drops due to bots.

Why Scalpers Can Get Olivia Rodrigo Tickets and You Can't 👉 Read it here.

Until next time,

- Kaloh

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