Art Blocks Generative Art NFT – A Market Analysis

In this article I’ll give you a complete market analysis on art blocks which is an on-chain generative art NFT platform on the Ethereum blockchain.

What is Art Blocks?

Art Blocks is an on-chain generative art NFT platform on the Ethereum blockchain. If you are new to NFT market analysis and my spreadsheets, I suggest you first read this.

art blocks

Art Blocks - Generative Art on the blockchain

This will be a brief review, as I haven’t been tracking the floor prices, listed for sale pieces, or volume in the past. I included the PTFR and PTFRwS metrics (actually quite helpful to get a quick understanding of the collections for the first time).

Access the spreadsheet →

 PTFR and PTFRwS metrics

Art Blocks Curated market analysis 6.5.2021

General Stats:

  • There are 59 Curated Art Blocks collections.

  • The avg floor is 3.94 Eth (+/- $10500).

  • The total secondary volume among all collections is 243,964.3 Eth (+$650M) 🤯

Top Collections:

By floor:

By volume:

Surprises and Opportunities:

I usually make this section for Premium Subscribers only, but this is my first time reviewing Art Blocks, so I left it open for everyone.

Collections with a low amount of pieces listed for sale:

Collections with a high amount of pieces listed for sale:

  • Anticyclone by William Mapan (16.6%, this number might be affected by being just one week old)

  • Para Bellum by Matty Mariansky (15.8%)

  • Autology by steganon (12.70%)

Using the Popularity to Floor Ratio (PTFR) and the Popularity to Floor Ratio with Supply (PTFRwS), the following collections stand out (same results for both):

As always, this is not financial advice. Always do your own research and only collect and invest what you can afford.

Until next time,

- Kaloh

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