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💎 Art Basel and The Digital Art Mile Recap

Here is what I saw last week in my trip to Basel

Hello friends,

Last week I visited Basel in Switzerland for Art Basel and the Digital Art Mile. This issue of the hidden gems is filled with details from my trip.

I was very impressed with both events. The Digital Art Mile was extremely well-organized and felt like a significant step in the right direction. Congrats to everyone involved!

Art Basel put together a great show with the Unlimited exhibition, featuring works from Keith Haring, Jenny Holzer and Samia Halaby. Refik Anadol presented a new immersive experience called 'Inner Portrait', right at the entrance, essentially the premium spot, similar to Unsupervised at MoMA. The fact that an artist using AI and NFTs headlined the show can't be overstated. Things change slowly, then all at once.

That's the quick recap. Now, let's dive into some gems.

💎 Gem of the Week

En Mi Cuerpo by Juan Rodríguez García

"This collection represents an integrated effort to understand the human body through systems and algorithms".

Around two years ago, I saw 'En Mi Cuerpo' by Juan. At the time, the collection consisted of just a couple of sketches. He continued working on it and released it for this occasion. You can see a similar style in 'Orden y Forma', released in December 2023.

This is a collaboration with ArtXCode and you can read more about it on Juan's website.

Panel Summary

Today's Art Market, Organized by Artmeta x University of Zurich

I was invited to a panel discussion organized by the University of Zurich and ArtMeta. It was moderated by Anna Fischer, I was joined by Kenny Schachter and Dr. Claudio Tessone.

Kenny stole the show with his AI-made Jeff Koons.

Claudio introduced us to the work being done by the Zurich Blockchain Research Center, including research on wash trading in the NFT space. Bad actors engaging in this activity (faking volume by selling and buying their own pieces) can artificially increase the value of collections by 140%. The good news is that this can be detected and awareness is growing. Regulation doesn't exist, so it isn't illegal yet.

Among other things, I shared a chart showing the current status of NFT volumes. Yes, NFTs are down, but this year looks better than 2023. Also, Ordinals should be included in the equation as they are starting to capture a slice of the market.

🗞 In the News

Viola Rama and the Digital Art Mile in The Art Newspaper

Self-Enhancement by Viola Rama and the Digital Art Mile headlined The Art Newspaper. The piece was collected soon after by Sigg Art Foundation.

🎧 Kaloh's Podcast

Sharing Creator's Upside with HyperSub ft. Jonny Mack

I had a great chat with Jonny Mack, co-founder of Fabric (the parent company of HyperSub). We discussed his beginnings in the tech world and how HyperSub is helping creators like 0xen, m/branson, Yb, and me earn a living from our content.

Friendly Reminder: my HyperSub NFT Subscription gives you access to my inner community, airdrops and helps me continue working on my newsletter & podcast. You also get a share of the revenue (8%).

🎬 Film to Watch

Operator on st_age: Performing the System

This documentary is a must watch for all digital art fans. There are so many good ideas, thoughts and phrases from the film I wish it would be available online.

Main takeway: Technology is important, but it should be transparent.

🔥 Product to Watch

fxhash Generative Art Kiosk

fxhash set up a new postcard prints shop. Each print is unique and costs 45 euros... Check it out here.

Until next time,

- Kaloh

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