Are you in for the Art or the Tech?

The answer to this question could shape your artist vision and/or your collection...

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Are you in for the Art or the Tech?

Are you in for the Art or for the Tech? - free collectible

Are you in for the Art or the Tech?

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I’ve been thinking a lot about this question. It seems like most people are more inclined to one of these two poles. The answer to this reveals a lot about your interests and could help to shape your collection or your artist's vision.

These aren’t mutually exclusive, and there isn’t a right or wrong…

In for the Art:

  • meanings, stories, and feelings

  • artist's journey and vision

  • aesthetics

  • art form (sculpture, photographs, poetry, paintings, gen art)

  • movement (pop, abstract, conceptual, maybe even memes?)

In for the Tech:

  • used tools, code, libraries

  • smart contracts and distribution

  • innovation

  • where is the artwork minted (platform/blockchain)?

  • on-chain or off-chain?

  • problems solved w/ blockchain & NFTs

  • the kind of token (e.g., ERC-20)

What am I in for?

In my case, I entered the space for the tech. I worked in that industry for over 8 years as a software dev, data scientist, and product manager. I love to build software, bringing me to blockchain/dApps/NFTs.

Early on, I was 80% for tech and 20% for the art. Over the past three years, as I got more involved in the space, the art side grew on me.

These days, I feel like I am 50% for the art, 50% for the tech…

What does this mean?

I pay equal attention to the art and the tech components; they are equally important when I collect, write, or share blockchain art.

What about you? Are you in for the art or the tech?

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🎙Kaloh’s Podcast: Elena Zavelev and Anika Meier

In episode 18, I discussed education and bridging traditional artists to the blockchain art space with Elena Zaverev.

The upcoming podcast guest is writer, founder, and curator Anika Meier.

Anika is a writer (KUNSTFORUM) and curator specializing in digital art. She is Expanded.Art co-founder and member of HEK_Basel curatorial board. Her long list of collaborations/curatorial projects includes artists such as Marina Abramović, Herbert W. Franke, Operator, and Lee Mullican.

Kaloh's Podcast Episode 19: Anika Meier

In case you missed it, here are 5 things worth sharing from the blockchain art space…

📝 Last week, I shared a new way to monetize your NFTs.

🏆 [Gen Art Competition] FIAT® drives into Generative Art together with Prohibition and Art Blocks Engine.

FIAT® drives into Generative Art together with Prohibition and Art Blocks Engine.

📸 [Hot Collection] The MoMA acquired another NFT collection, this time from Mexican photographer Tania Franco Klein. This collection was commissioned by Obcura DAO (founded by Alejandro Cartagena, who was on the podcast).

Tania Franco Klein at MoMA

⏰ [Minting Now] A Pile, To Be Sorted by Chris McCully via fxhash

A Pile, To Be Sorted by Chris McCully via fxhash

🗓 [Upcoming Collection] Forecast by Manuel Larino via ArtBlocks Presents.

Forecast by Manuel Larino via ArtBlocks Presents.

Until next time,

- Kaloh

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