AI as a Weapon of Arts ft. Laurence Fuller

Kaloh's Podcast | Laurence Fuller is an actor, poet, and digital artist who has appeared in a handful of featured films and tv shows. Known for combining poetry and AI in his digital art creations.

Laurence Fuller is an actor, digital artist, and collector. Having recently taken on the role of the iconic British painter David Hockney in the new HBO Max series MINX ~ Laurence Fuller is best known for his lead roles in films “Road To The Well,” “Apostle Peter & The Last Supper” and “Paint It Red.” He is also known for combining poetry and AI in his digital art creations, including collections like Poetics, Elysium Rising, and Way In The Deep, collaborating with actor, producer, and director Vincent D'Onofrio.

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In today’s episode, we discuss:

[1:00] The current issue with the Hollywood actors and writers involving AI scans.

[5:00] How can artificial intelligence support actors and artists? Mentioned: Vincent D'Onofrio.

[7:45] How does Laurence balance being an actor and a digital artist? And recently role-playing David Hockney at Minx (HBO Max).

[11:00] How did his poetry and digital art help Laurence to land roles as an actor? “If someone is really accomplished at something, figure out what they are passionate about and try to help them with that passion instead of the thing they are famous for.“

[15:00] How did method acting and his father's work as a writer and art critic (Peter Fuller, founder of Modern Painters) get Laurence interested in writing poetry?

[21:00] The difference between art discussions before 1990 and today from Laurence's perspective.

[25:00] The evolution of the digital art space across the last three years. Mentioned: hic et nunc, Super Rare, Tezos.

[29:00] Marketplaces influence in the space like Super Rare, MarkersPlace, Manifold.

[33:10] Laurence's advice for all kinds of artists: focus on your art, and the right people will come to help you.

[34:50] The pieces Laurence Fuller is most proud of. Mentioned: goldcat, Helio Santos, Ruben Fro, Tania Rivilis, Jenni Pasanen, Henrikaau, Von Doyle, Collections: Poetics, Elysium Rising.

[42:00] Collaborations and having a team in the digital art space.

[43:00] 3 emerging artists recommended by Laurence: @Kopfgestaltung, Ksenia Buridanova, Kx_.

Until next time,

- Kaloh

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