The Artist Journal ft. Adrian Pocobelli

Kaloh's Podcast | Adrian Pocobelli is an Italian-Canadian artist and host of The Artist Journal talk show.

Adrian Pocobelli is an Italian-Canadian artist based in Berlin who finds inspiration in everyday images and hosts The Artist Journal talk show. From collecting postcards in Italy as a child to working in a comic store in Saskatoon, his journey led him to reimagine familiar visuals into accessible art. Adrian settled in Berlin in 2016, where he continues to create art that reflects the city's spirit.

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In today’s episode, we discuss:

Developing on-air presence (00:03:02) Adrian shares the origins of his energetic podcasting style and the process of building confidence on air.

The impact of content creation on art (00:06:48) Adrian discusses how content creation has helped him gain exposure and legitimacy as an artist.

Artistic journey and challenges (00:12:19) Adrian shares his artistic journey from Canada to Berlin, detailing the challenges and successes he encountered along the way.

Living in a Major Art City (00:16:51) Comparison of living in Berlin and Canada, and the importance of moving to a city with more opportunities for artists.

Physical vs. Digital Art (00:23:48) Importance of having a studio, creating physical art, and the impact of digital art on the art world.

Curating Artwork (00:28:11) Discussion on the process of curating artworks for a show and the influence of personal taste and experience.

Collecting physical vs digital (00:32:31) Discussion on the transition from physical collecting to digital art and the potential appeal of NFTs to traditional collectors.

Open-mindedness in digital art (00:33:34) The importance of having an open mind towards different art forms and the evolution of understanding and appreciating digital art.

Challenges of content creation (00:35:39) The difficulty of maintaining a balance between educating newcomers and providing advanced content for experienced audiences in the digital art space.

Changing trends in digital art (00:38:07) Observations on the shift from tribalism to a multi-chain approach and the evolving market trends in digital art, especially in glitch and analog video art.

Exploring different blockchains (00:42:00) The increasing openness of artists and collectors to explore different blockchains and marketplaces, leading to a positive but complex landscape for creators.

NFTs and Smart Contracts (00:49:29) Discussion on the complexity of NFTs and smart contracts and the challenge of explaining them in simple terms.

Importance of Marketing and Timing (00:52:36) The significance of marketing and timing in the success of an artist's work, with examples of artists who excel in these areas.

Mentioned: Tezos, Solana, Bitcoin,, The Armony Show, Coast to Coast AM, LA Art Show, ABC Art Berlin Contemporary, Andy Warhol, Sabato, Hasdrubal Waffle, uczine.

Until next time,

- Kaloh

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