A Short Walk Through Jinyao's Alley

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Jinyao Lin is a Taiwanese multidisciplinary artist with over twenty years of experience. Throughout his career, he has combined technology and art in different forms like audio, installations, drama, and film. He has a Ph.D. in computer science from National Taiwan University, a Master of Fine Art, and a Bachelor of Music from Taipei National University of the Art.

In 2021, Jinyao discovered NFTs thanks to his friend Aluan Wang (@IOivm) and hasn’t stopped creating since then. Some of his drops are frequently mentioned when discussing the most iconic FxHash collections.

Distortion City #01

Distortion City #01 is Jinyao's audiovisual genesis piece on FxHash.

I was attracted to Jinyao’s work when one of my friends showed me his Alley collection. I like simplicity, and the Taiwanese artist produced a fantastic effect by using just lines on p5js.

Staying in the little alley.
Narrow view, but enough.

Alley by Jinyao Lin.

Alley by Jinyao Lin.

Alley by Jinyao Lin.

Although I love the simplicity behind Alley, his most famous work up to date is Forsaken, which has commanded over 9k Tezos (~$40k) in total volume. The 150 pieces collection is a true masterclass in output diversity.

sometimes we forget the world.
sometime the world forgets us.
anyway, I have myself.

Forsaken by Jinyao Lin.

@SEVENTEENBLACK wrote a whole article about this collection on fxtender.art:

The collection comprises 150 editions with just two features: Color Mode (10) and Object Mode (17). That doesn’t sound like a lot, but it fills the collection so well that each piece feels unique whilst obviously belonging to the collection.

The palettes perfectly capture different times of the day, and combined with the objects on the shoreline, they stir very different emotions in me. Notably, forsaken #121 depicts the solace and loneliness of a single house viewed from a distance.

Forsaken by Jinyao Lin.

Forsaken by Jinyao Lin.

Jinyao has a simple process to get inspired. “I will start to image what I want to deliver, and try to find some photographs like nature and great scene as reference.” His favorite artists and influencers are Pak and Matt DesLauriers. “Pak always shows great ideas about the full potential of smart contracts and NFTs. Matt’s pieces always show great vision and could feel the beauty of the code.”

Cloud Atlas is Jinyao’s latest collection (animated).

Cloud Atlas is Jinyao’s latest collection (animated).

Jinyao is also getting noticed outside the FxHash and NFT community. This month, both his collections Claud Atlas and Reveal were featured in the French and British magazine Marie Claire.

jinyaolin @jinyaolin

Happy to announce that my NFT creations feat Coach on marie claire magazine Chinese edition of March. Models are both famous stars of Taiwan.


12:00 PM ∙ Mar 4, 2022


Don’t forget to follow Jinyao on Twitter to stay updated on his next drops.

Until next time,

- Kaloh

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