A Generative Artist Journey ft. Ryan Bell

Kaloh's Podcast | Ryan Bell is a prolific generative artist and front-end developer who has produced acclaimed pieces via Art Blocks, fxhash, PROOF, verse and the Blind Gallery.

Ryan Bell is a prolific generative artist and front-end developer who has produced acclaimed pieces for fxhash, Art Blocks, PROOF, verse, and the Blind Gallery. These works include Fragments of a Wave, Microgravity (showcased at Art Basel), Sprocket Factory, Dreamcatcher Forest (showcased at Art Basel), Hyper Drive: A Side, Ephemeral Tides, and Veils of Perception.

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In today’s episode, we discuss:

[1:50] Ryan's background, education, starting to code, and finding a distribution channel for generative art. Mentioned: Casey Reas

[10:10] His creative process, getting feedback from other artists and doing collaborations. Mentioned: Rarible, fxhash.

[14:00] The story behind Fragments of a Wave.

[17:20] Working on Sprocket Factory, a collection inspired by Tyler Hobbs’ Fidenzas and Dmitri Cherniak’s Ringers.

[18:37] His first exhibition at Art Basel in collaboration with fxhash. Mentioned: Dreamcatcher Forest, Zancan.

[23:20] How important is the code: structure, best practices, optimization?

[24:30] Incorporating AI-assisted tools into his artistic practice. Mentioned: PROOF, Ephemeral Tides.

[28:20] Hyper Drive: A Side and B and the difference between Art Blocks and fxhash.

[35:19] Ryan's thoughts on the state of generative art and what EmProps is doing with long-form AI. Mentioned: Lisa Orth.

[49:50] Ryan’s thoughts on being exhibited and showcased in IRL events, cross over to the traditional art world and his thoughts on prints and plotters. Mentioned: Artmatr.

[54:00] Artists that inspire Ryan: Zancan, William Mapan, and Zach Lieberman.

Until next time,

- Kaloh

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