A Gallery in the Middle of the Desert ft. Glitch Marfa

Kaloh's Podcast | Madison Page, Malte Rauch, and Derek Edwards joined the Podcast to talk all things Glitch Gallery -an analog gallery for internet objects based in Marfa, Texas.

Madison Page, Malte Rauch, and Derek Edwards joined the Podcast to talk all things Glitch Gallery. Glitch Gallery is an analog space for digital objects founded in 2022 — living at the intersection of Marfa, Texas, and the internet.

Madison Page is the owner, director, and part of the curation board of Glitch Gallery.

Derek Edwards is the owner and part of the curation board of Glitch Gallery. He is also the Managing Partner of Collab Currency.

Malte Rauch is also part of Glitch Marfa’s curation board and was formerly head of partnerships and editor of Bright Moments.

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In today’s episode, we discuss:

Introduction to Glitch Marfa (00:00:45) Introducing Derek, Malte, Madison, and Glitch Marfa, an analog gallery for internet objects based in Marfa, Texas.

The concept of Glitch and "Every 30 Days" (00:02:14) Explaining the concept of Glitch as a digital and physical art gallery and introducing their product "Every 30 Days" that combines long-form text, a gallery show, and a digital poster. Mentioned: Flamingo DAO, Art Blocks, Donald Judd.

Marfa's Timelessness and Unique Pace (00:11:48) Discussion about the sense of timelessness in Marfa where people take their time to engage in conversations and enjoy the moment.

The Challenges and Benefits of Marfa's Location (00:12:29) Exploration of the difficulties of reaching Marfa due to its remote location, but also the benefits of being disconnected and fully present once you arrive.

Curation Process and Concept of Glitch (00:15:55) Insights into the curation process at Glitch, focusing on contextualizing and exploring singular works through writing while avoiding creating a canon and aiming to surprise and present new perspectives. Mentioned: Bright Moments, XCopy, PROOF Grails.

The concept of Glitch and encouraging artists to be bold (00:22:57) Discussion about the importance of artists being bold and experimental in their work, with examples of artists who embody that spirit. Mentioned: Mathcastles.

The power of focusing on one thing (00:23:45) Exploration of the benefits of focusing on one thing and the challenges of navigating the art world as a former artist. Mentioned: Sam Spratt.

The events and exhibitions at Glitch Marfa (00:28:10) Conversation about the various events and exhibitions hosted by Glitch Marfa, including the "Die with the most likes" event and the Beef Rothko exhibition, highlighting these shows' unique and experimental nature.

The outdoor exhibition and live stream (00:34:48) The speakers discuss how they have created an outdoor space for people to engage with the gallery even when it's closed, including a live stream and displays that can be viewed from the street.

Interacting with the exhibition from outside (00:35:58) They explain how visitors can tap a computer sculpture with their phone to access different modules and engage with the exhibition, such as reading about it, viewing the live stream, and minting digital posters. Mentioned: Robert Irwin.

Plans for the future and evolving Glitch (00:43:06) The speakers discuss their commitment to the "Every 30 Days" product and their plans to modify and evolve it over time. They also mention working on other types of expression and leveraging their physical space and network to move the project forward.

The Glitch Marvel's next product (00:45:47) They discuss their next product launch, focusing on contextualization, storytelling, and curation.

An old-school approach to gallery life (00:46:52) They talk about their excitement for new products that take an old-school approach to gallery life, giving weight and substance to their work.

Artists that inspire them (00:49:10) They mention artists who inspire them, including Kim Asendorf, Roope Rainisto, Claire Silver, Snowfro, Douglxss, Molly Dixon, and Die with the most likes.

Putting out symbolic work (00:58:04) The process of selecting artists and exhibitions for Glitch Marvel, keeping up with the evolving digital art space.

Until next time,

- Kaloh

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