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A Base Open Edition You Can't Miss

Plus: Design Everydays, A Mediterranean Generative Art Collection and more...

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Hello friends!

Time for another weekly hidden gems edition, featuring onchain art, products and content that caught my attention over the past week...

💎 Gem of the Day

'The artist is present' by Spøgelsesmaskinen

Rune Brink Hansen, aka Spøgelsesmaskinen (Danish for 'The Ghost Machine') just created his first Base open edition mint. Starting his journey on Tezos, The Ghost Machine also raised his flag on Solana and Ethreum.

His work features pixelated 3D animations depicting computers and machines in uncanny scenes, inspired by early computer graphics and stage design. His immersive installations and NFTs have garnered attention for their distinctive low-resolution aesthetic and conceptual depth, exploring themes of technology's ghostly presence and the unexpected creativity of glitches.

🔥 Creator of the Week

PaperBoy by 0xDesigner

I subscribed to 0xDesigner's HyperSub and now I'm receiving the 'Design Everydays' series as airdrops. Here is today's one, called 163 infinite mint.

You can subscribe to his HyperSub below.

🎧 Kaloh's Podcast

The Art of Photography Meets Crypto Trading ft. Joelle JB

Last week I shared an episode with landscape photographer and trader Joelle LB. She shared her journey in the Web 3 space, and how she balances her photography and art practice with crypto investing.

You can collect this episode as an NFT via Pods and listen now on Apple, Spotify, Google, and YouTube.

HyperSub NFT Subscription Update

I recently migrated to the latest HyperSub contract (new cool features available), which means you should have received a new NFT Subscription on your wallet. Nothing to do on your side as long as your subscription is active.

Substack Premium Subs: HyperSub is getting close to support credit card payments. As soon as this is available, you will be able to fully migrate to an NFT Subscription, which includes:

  • Podcast ep. airdropped.

  • Token-gated articles.

  • 8% revenue sharing from my earnings.

  • special allow lists and giveaways.

Thanks for your patience and support during the migration!

If you aren't a HyperSub subscriber yet, check it out here. Your support helps keep the newsletter and podcast running 😀

📖 Interesting Read

Vida y sombra y luz y muerte by Marcelo Soria-Rodriguez

"I was invited to present a collection for Medseart's 1st edition: a gathering around art in Menorca, Spain. Theme: Mediterranean.

This is a very personal artwork. I was born on the Mediterranean coast, in Almería, Spain. The Mediterranean meant strong light and shadow that painted my first 18 years. A sea always present, never too demanding, but it took root in me and only now I start to understand that.

Marcelo Soria-Rodriguez"

Image courtesy of Marcelo Soria-Rodriguez.

📊 Chart of the Week

Blockchain Prediction Markets Soaring

For those that like to keep a broader perspective in the evolution of Web 3, this App is gaining traction. Polymarket is a platform where people can buy and sell shares in the outcome of future events. The prices of these shares indicate what the market believes is the likelihood of the event happening. For example, if a share predicting a certain election result is trading at $0.70, the market thinks there is a 70% chance of that result occurring.

Polymarket Insights:

  • US Presidential Election Winner: Trump (63%), Biden (22%).

  • Euro Winner: England (19%), Spain (18%), Germany (15%), France (14%).

  • Will China invade Taiwan in 2024: Yes (12%), No (88%).

Until next time,

- Kaloh

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