6 Emerging AI Artists To Keep An Eye On in 2023

A sneak peak of the AI art universe through Deep Fake exhibition.

This article was originally written in March 2023 and updated in July 2023.

Since immersing myself in the BrainDrops world last week, I have wanted to explore the AI art universe further. However, I must confess, I found myself crippled by analysis paralysis… Where should I start? With a plethora of options at my fingertips, I was overwhelmed and unable to take the first step.

Luckily, a few days ago, I DMed my friend ClownVamp —known for creating and collecting AI art (and all sorts of digital art) before it was cool — to see what he was up to.

It turns out ClownVamp had been curating the Deep Fake exhibition by SuperChief Gallery x MAIF released via Foundation.

“Perhaps these ‘fake’ tools can create some real thoughts and feelings.”

Clownvamp on Deep Fake: The World’s Largest AI Art Exhibition1

I couldn’t have dreamed of a better place to start.

ClownVamp @ClownVamp

The Ultimate Details Thread for DEEP FAKE 👁 Largest AI art show to date. 62 artists. 75 pieces. A @MAIFMAIFMAIF x @SuperchiefNFT production. Everything you need to know (mint details, opening party, etc.) 👇


8:20 PM ∙ Feb 28, 2023


I immediately recognized some names. Jenni Passanen, who I am not surprised is leading the exhibition bidding wars while I am writing this; JDVE, a Dutch photographer who created one of the most popular pieces for the Blind Gallery Bear Market Edition; and Von Doyle, who I believe created one of the most iconic 1/1s on Tezos.

After exploring this gallery and mixing a few other platforms I’ve been tracking for a while, I came up with a shortlist of artists worth watching (in no particular order).

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TH3 B00TL3GER by STR4NGETHING is part of the DEEP FAKE gallery.

In a world where branding, fashion, and mystery converge, STR4NGETHING has masterfully crafted an awe-inspiring digital presence. With nods to the past and a dash of enigma, he has garnered attention from VOGUE, Complex, and Hyper Beast. Inspired by the curious phenomenon of the Mandela Effect in Fashion, where contemporary objects seem misplaced in time, STR4NGETHING blurs the boundaries of the past and present in a mesmerizing display of artistic originality.

2. Elena Lazutina

Drawing from a rich graphic design and illustration background, Elena Lazutina's vibrant compositions capture vivid, dynamic scenes with a subtle hint of motion. And let me tell you, I'm particularly taken with the recent project by Elena, who skillfully recreated iconic magazine covers in a bold, new light. As a matter of fact, I've toyed with a similar concept myself in the past, and it's fascinating to see how Elena has breathed fresh life into this idea with her own unique vision.

Illusory Issue by Elena Lazutina is part of the DEEP FAKE gallery

Illusory Issue by Elena Lazutina is part of the DEEP FAKE gallery.

3. Danielle King

I’ve been keeping a close eye on the creative endeavors of Danielle King, who has been delving into the AI prompting game. Just a few days ago, she began offering glimpses of her forthcoming collection entitled "The Muses", set to be unveiled via Emergent Properties, a platform dedicated to AI art on the Tezos blockchain.

Twitter avatar for @Rrose_Selavy_11

Danielle King @Rrose_Selavy_11

“The Muses” is a generative AI art project on @emprops_io examining the portrayal of women in art history and fashion Re-imagining the concept of the artist's muse, using source images and prompts from a diverse range of artists and designers, from the Renaissance era to now...


3:00 PM ∙ Mar 3, 2023


I must say the fruits of Danielle's labors are stunning outputs that display an admirable coherence of style across all of her muses. The many long months of tireless effort have finally paid off in spades for Danielle.

4. textrnr

Corner by Textrnr (Breathe Collection)

Corner by Textrnr (Breathe Collection)

Textrnr, a photographer who has artfully integrated AI into his work, possesses a nuanced and understated style that sets him apart from his peers. His latest collections on Foundation - "Existence" and "Breathe" - showcase his ability to capture buildings, homes, ordinary neighborhoods, and the various moments of day through shadows and lightning, all while conveying the themes of both existence and vitality.

5. Anna Condo

Անի [Ani] by Anna Condo (Armenia Collection).

Անի [Ani] by Anna Condo (Armenia Collection).

Anna Condo, a veteran of filmmaking and photography, has demonstrated remarkable versatility in using the AI medium. Whether capturing the beauty of flowers, the everyday objects surrounding us, or drawing inspiration from her homeland of Armenia, Anna stands at the forefront of the AI art movement. Her extensive work includes over 1400 pieces and 37 collections on Foundation.

6. RedruM

RedruM's use of red is striking and commanding, serving as a focal point for his artwork. His commitment to this hue shows a clear vision and intentionality in his artistic choices. The phrase "between dream and nightmare" further adds to the tension and complexity of his work, pulling the viewer in and inviting them to explore the depths of his AI creations.

The Fabulous Boy by RedruM

The Fabulous Boy by RedruM is part of the DEEP FAKE Exhibition.

To close today’s issue, I would like to share that I’m thrilled when I come across artists who have succeeded in establishing a distinctive trademark. Especially these days, it is exciting to see artists harnessing the power of AI to produce a new form of storytelling.

I hope you are as much enjoying the AI discovery journey as I am.

Until next time,

- Kaloh

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Deep Fake: The World’s Largest AI Art Exhibition by Eric James Beyer on NFT Now https://nftnow.com/features/deepfake-the-worlds-largest-ai-art-exhibition

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