5 Digital Artists to Watch: August 2023

This time, two generative artists, two AI artists, and one photographer made the list...

August is gone, so it is time for another 5 Digital Artists to Watch issue, where I share five digital artists that stood out to me over the past month.

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Before we get started, here are the five artists I shared in July:

5 Digital Artists to Watch - August 2023

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Jorge Ledezma

Jorge Ledezma, aka zjorge, is a multidisciplinary Panamanian artist whose work delves into the concept of technological singularity—the point where technology becomes capable of recursive self-improvement. Trained as an architect and urbanist and also skilled as a musician, zjorge began his artistic journey in 1994 by translating mathematical patterns and algorithms into print media. Over time, he has shifted towards employing generative algorithms in his work, using code to create art pieces that explore the bounds of technology within his defined aesthetic parameters.

Brise Soleil by Jorge Ledezma.

One collection that particularly caught my attention is 'Brise Soleil,' inspired by an architectural technique designed to manage natural light. His pieces in this collection explore not just form but also the nuances of light and shadow, serving as metaphors for the balance technology must find in our lives. As a featured artist in the upcoming Bright Moments Buenos Aires Collection, Jorge will have a chance to surprise us with his minimal and conceptual style.


Australian artist lilyillo has carved a unique space for herself in the contemporary art world by seamlessly integrating Artificial Intelligence into her creative process. Her journey began in traditional media, primarily focusing on watercolors and drawings. This rich background serves as the foundation for her present work, which brings together the old and the new in mesmerizing ways. She holds a Bachelor in Art History & Theory, a Master of Art Administration & Curatorial Studies, and a Master of Fine Arts with a major in drawing—all from the prestigious College of Fine Arts (CoFA), University of New South Wales, Sydney.

Farewell to all that is tangible by lilyillo.

I first encountered Lilyillo’s work at an exhibition organized by Skalda — curated by Chris Maestas (a.k.a 0_0_0_9_), where her 'Woodside' series was featured. The collection was received with much acclaim, and it was evident why.

Lilyillo's series 'Woodside' explores the hidden narratives residing within walls, both literally and symbolically. Inspired by memories of a termite infestation in her childhood home, the collection explores the enigmatic stories that stem from corroding forces, both in the notion of fading memory and the actual physical home that was ultimately destroyed.

Other notable works from the Australian artist are: Fervour, and The Makers.


Jeres, who began his artistic foray as a software developer, has swiftly risen to prominence in the generative art space, mainly using the platform fxhash. He first gained widespread attention with "Coronado," an abstract series that not only pushed artistic boundaries but also achieved considerable financial success, amassing over 60,000 XTZ in secondary sales and maintaining a robust 440 XTZ floor price. Additional standout pieces include "Obliques," "Attachment," and "Vapour Trails."

Torrent’s previews by Jeres

Torrent previews by Jeres.

His more recent collection, "Tragedy Static/Heaven," represents a poignant journey into the beauty found in life's imperfections. All of this hard work has culminated in a momentous milestone: Jeres will soon be featured on ArtBlocks, earning the coveted 'Curated' label for his upcoming work, "Torrent," set to debut on September 6 at 10 am PDT. This achievement marks a significant chapter in Jeres' evolving narrative as he continues to contribute meaningfully to the intertwined worlds of technology, art, and human emotion.

Santiago Marquez

Santiago Marquez has made a name for himself in the world of digital art, capturing audiences through a range of platforms and blockchains. My first introduction to his art was through Zero One, a new digital art platform where Santiago showcased his innovative concepts. Little did I know that Santiago has been minting works in the blockchain for a few years. One collection that has a profound meaning is "What does it mean to have a body?" released on EmProps. Comprising 124 days of intense labor, this AI-driven series grapples with intricate questions surrounding physicality and its interpretation through the lens of artificial intelligence.

home is where you lose your teeth by Santiago Marquez.

home is where you lose your teeth by Santiago Marquez.

Beyond this, Santiago is also prolific on 'hic et nunc,' with more than 400 art pieces to his name. Among his creations, the following stand out "neon bird reading a story," "A story you might have heard of," "fever," and “fluid diamond apparitions” stand out for their thematic depth and aesthetic richness.

Janie Fitzgerald

Janie Fitzgerald describes herself as a "Photo by day + Ai in the moonlight," a tagline that succinctly captures her dual roles as a photographer and AI artist. Like Santiago Marquez, I stumbled upon her work on Zero One, a digital art space showcasing cutting edge talents. Her art is a harmonious blend of different settings—architecture, interior design, and natural landscapes—yet it consistently conveys a sense of serenity and abundance.

Lava House - Building in the new climate by Janie Fitzgerald.

Lava House - Building in the new climate by Janie Fitzgerald.

Janie Fitzgerald is not just another name in the digital art sphere; she is a groundbreaking talent lauded for her 360Âș immersive imaging. Her pioneering photography has attracted an impressive roster of clients, including Apple, Disney Studios, and Warner Bros, and her work has been showcased at prestigious events like Art Basel, Super Chief Gallery, and the Artcrush exhibit in London. When it comes to AI-driven art, her collections "Arid" and "Weather," stand as testaments to her ability to blur the lines between technology and human creativity. Each piece in these collections is a nuanced expression of mood and atmosphere, achieved through the synergy of advanced computational techniques and her innate artistic vision.

I hope you enjoyed these five artists.

Until next time,

- Kaloh

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