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A trained architect, Victor Interacts with space through light, sound and matter...

Today’s artist is a trained architect exploring the intersection between code, graphic design, web design, and art. Originally from Spain, Victor is the second architect I have written about during the #30NFTartists30days series after Ismahelio. Similar to what we have seen from many other artists in the series, he leaped into NFTs after discovering the hic et nunc platform back in 2021. His creations show a prominent ability to manipulate light, sound, and matter.

I had the chance to ask him a few questions and learn more about his story.

The place where we were by Victor Doval

The place where we were by Victor Doval

“Motions are responsible for the memory trace
Memories are mixed with imagination and dreams.
Reality is a construct that requires memory.
What we feel is a part of reality that cannot be seen or shared
But those feelings were part of the place.

The place where we were”

Can you tell me a bit about your background?

I was born in Madrid (Spain), but I moved to Valencia to finish my university studies in Architecture. As soon as I finished them, I found Processing and fell in love with the possibilities it brought me. I have been using it since 2012 as a tool in graphic design, web design, architecture, and of course, to create art.

The place where we were #2 by Victor Doval

The place where we were #2 by Victor Doval

How did you discover NFTs? 

It was at the end of 2018 when I first heard about it through a mail from MakersPlace inviting me to the platform, but I did not take it very seriously; at that point, you could only upload 20 MB per NFT, not enough to hold one of my GIFs in HD. Also, I was already selling digital art through the FRAMED platform; it was a small market, but it was the only one for true generative art, so I let it go.

Later on, I felt more encouraged by seeing more and more artists jumping on board. I uploaded my first piece to Rarible in October 2020, but it was not until the rise of Hic Et Nunc that I started taking it seriously.

The place where we were #16 by David Doval

The place where we were #16 by David Doval

What has been your biggest challenge until now? 

My biggest challenge has been dealing with the market. Find the correct prices and take it easy with the ups and downs of the sales. It requires you to keep your mind cold and your heart warm. Luckily my children (one is four months, the other is three years old) demand enough attention to help me not get too obsessed with numbers.

Smooth Chaos #109 by Victor Doval

Smooth Chaos #109 by Victor Doval

Who are your favorite NFT artists? 

The list is too long, to name some:

Jacek Markusiewicz, Robert Hodgin, b l a c k d a h l e e a, ✕, Jeff, Pablo Alpe, Michael Hughes, Josef Luis Pelz, Iskra Velitchkova, ismahelio, Shvembldr, loackme…

Oniric Spaces by Victor Doval

Oniric Spaces by Victor Doval

What are your plans? Any particular project you are working on right now?

I plan to keep pushing and polishing my art every day. I'm devoted to it. It is what I think I do best and is the best I can give to the world. Right now, I have some ongoing projects. This month, I took a break from publishing, and I have been studying some algorithms that caught my eye and preparing some big things, but for the moment, I prefer to keep it secret.

Dynamic Memories by Victor Doval

Dynamic Memories by Victor Doval

Don’t forget to follow Victor on his Twitter account or website to stay updated with his future collections…

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