🧬 8 Exciting FxHash NFT Artists You Need To See

These 8 fxhash NFT artists with their generative art pieces have taken the metaverse by storm.

There is a new platform in Tezos town. In less than two months since its creation, Fxhash has injected fresh air into the ecosystem by letting generative coders create and sell their pieces smoothly.

What is fxhash?

fxhash is a new marketplace on the Tezos blockchain dedicated to generative art. It lets creative coders create and submit their algorithms and produce outputs that can be “minted” into the blockchain by collectors. Each artwork is unique and uses the blockchain transaction as the seed that produces an NFT or gentoken (that is the name for fxhash NFTs).

If you aren’t familiar with generative art, I wrote 🧬 5 Reasons why Gen-Art NFTs are something special which is a great way to understand this new form of art.

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Over the past weeks, I’ve been researching and collecting some fantastic gems. Today, I’d like to share some of my favorite artists.

1. Maze and Hex by Yi-Wen LIN

These two collections are at the top of my list. Yi-Wen produced striking palettes and textures in a small sampling space (there are only 128 pieces in each collection).

Maze #78 by Yi-Wen LIN

Maze #78 by Yi-Wen LIN

I can easily see myself hanging any of these in my living room. The collections are so rich that you can pick a palette you like, from dark colors to more colorful ones.

Hex #96 by Yi-Wen LIN

Hex #96 by Yi-Wen LIN

2. SMOLSKULLS by Mark Knol

It is hard to find gen-art on Fxhash that gets adopted as PFPs. One reason is that creators aren’t trying to create avatars. Knol’s Smolskulls don’t obey that rule and have already been adopted as an avatar by many community members, which is an excellent indicator of long-lasting success.

ASCII-SMOLSKULL #431 by Mark Knol

ASCII-SMOLSKULL #431 by Mark Knol

Mark released three collections: ASCII-SMOLSKULL, SMOLSKULL, and 3D-SMOLSKULL. Don’t sleep on the Smolskulls!

3. RIVER by Camille Roux

Camille is establishing his red, green, white, and yellow palette as his trademark. He makes it easy to understand his creations, selecting simple scenes like flowers, cities, or rivers as his inspiration. I was amazed by the different sets of scenes his River algorithm generated.

RIVER #193 by Camille Roux

RIVER #193 by Camille Roux (animated)

4. RGB Elementary Cellular Automaton by ciphrd

Ciphrd is the mastermind behind FxHash. Although RGB Elementary Cellular Automaton is already one of the top-performing collections, the sky is the limit for this one. As a creative coder himself, he knows how to push the platform forward and is very active in their Discord server.

RGB Elementary Cellular Automaton #932 by ciphrd

RGB Elementary Cellular Automaton #932 by ciphrd

5. Hashed Cities by Yazid

Nothing better to define Yazid’s work than his own words:

This token generates a deterministic set of minimal, abstract buildings of varying widths, heights, transparencies, and patterns, assembling a skyline view of your own unique imaginary city. Each city comes with its own randomized city day.

Each mint has a native setting (Day or Night) which combined with the current time of viewing influences real-time movements of celestial bodies in your mint, e.g. on a mint with the Day setting, the sun will only appear when viewed during the day. The piece will re-render every minute.

Hashed Cities #31 by Yazid

Hashed Cities #31 by Yazid

6. School of data by Daniel Oropeza

Daniel is one of the top creators in terms of volume. He released more than ten sold-out collections while his style is improving every day. His collections will find a house on those collectors that love abstract shapes, pixels, and electric colors. You need to open his pieces, as the main attraction are the movements - it feels like a short trip.

School of data by Daniel Oropeza

School of data by Daniel Oropeza (animated)

7. Fireworks by Hevey

Hevey has created generative art pieces for the famous Art Blocks platform in the past and seems to be enjoying Fxhash so far. Besides the electric Fireworks collection, he also produced some mind-blowing series named Sequences and Cycles, which have been doing very well in the market. Once again, you need to open his pieces because the animations give them a special touch.

Fireworks #4 by Hevey

Fireworks #4 by Hevey (animated)

8. CMYK:RND by nor44

Nor44 uses code to continually create new faces and compositions using 'Print-ready' styled elements giving the artwork a more tactile, less digital feel. In my view, this collection is way different from anything created so far and has a diversity and inclusion touch that makes it stand out.

CMYK:RND #29 by nor44

CMYK:RND #29 by nor44 (animated)

The Future of Gen Art and fxhash

What I love about the current state of this marketplace is we are so early that more than +/-90% of the creations sell for less than 5 Tezos. Right now is a great time to collect - both as an art lover and investor. For instance, some of the collections I showcased earlier have the floor below 3 Tezos ( +/- $12 USD).

Time will only tell where Fxhash NFT goes from here (it is still in Beta!). But so far, with what I’ve seen in terms of quality and reception, I’ll continue to pay close attention. If you know how to code or are willing to learn, you should probably give it a shot. Maybe I should too?

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Until next time,

- Kaloh

PD: This is not financial advice, and I own multiple pieces from these collections.

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