🥳 The last email of 2021!

Year in recap, final FxHash analysis and other news

This is the last email you will receive from me… In 2021!

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Best of Kaloh’s Newsletter 2021

I made a recap of the most popular editions from this year.

Last FxHash market update of 2021

You can access the spreadsheet here.

  • Included new artists and collections from @rudxane1, @kayprasla, @mknol, @ismahelios, @generatecoll, @ge1doot, @ClausWilke.

  • Floors up ~5%! Tezos didn't fluctuate much since the last update ($4.37). The volume went down considerably, 7k $XTZ in the previous 24 hours compared to almost 30k $XTZ. Minting is not possible and today is the 31st of December… so no surprises here.

  • Big jump (+300%!) for @reveil_s's Ongemak, from 29 xtz to 120. @camillerouxart's Murmurations jumped to 14 $XTZ (called on the previous analysis as an opportunity). It still has less than 6% of listings, which means owners are holding long-term (at least for now).

  • Among high floor collections, @fx_hash_' logo gains 53% and now sits at 139 $XTZ floor. Betting on the #FxHash logo is betting on the platform. Do you see it around in 5 to 10 years? Then get some logos.

  • @jMarkusiewicz's Unbuilt moved +71% and almost broke the 500-floor mark. After a big crash last time, @OriginalGoldCat' The Conjurer recovers 37% and is now a 180-floor collection. @Ferdoropeza's School of data gains over 70%, still affordable below 5 XTZ floor.

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I wish you a Happy New Year and a great start to 2022 🎉!

Until next year,

- Kaloh

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