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The story behind the Unibotz and how they aim to support the Tezos community...


Unibotz… Coming soon to the Tezos Blockchain

While researching my newsletter, I talked with many NFT artists, collectors, developers, newcomers and observed an absurd amount of collections and projects. I learned that although the space is thriving, there aren’t collectibles projects launching whose main goal is investing in growing the community of clean NFT's on Tezos. For that reason, I spent the last couple of months working with a fantastic team of artists, developers, and collectors to attack this issue sustainably. Today, I’d like to share the story behind the Unibotz and explain why I’m so thrilled about it.

Unibotz @unibotz

Coming soon to #tezos 🤖👀! Discord 👉 discord.gg/s46KD2hhKy #NFT #NFTCommunity

10:24 PM ∙ Oct 18, 2021


What are the Unibotz?

The Unibotz are 4210 clean energy-powered robots assembled in the Tezos blockchain. They have a mission to support the clean NFTs movement and the usage of renewable energies.

The happy bot is the face of the Unibotz.

The happy bot is the face of the Unibotz.

Clean Energy and the Tezos Ecosystem

We believe we could cause a significant impact by educating the community regarding the usage of renewable energies. That is one big reason we chose the Tezos chain - I wrote an article on crypto energy consumption and why the tech behind Tezos is solid for the environment.

unibotz energies

Each unibot is powered by a different kind of renewable energy.

  • 🌱 Biodiesel: is a type of fuel derived from plants and animals.

  • 🔥 Geothermal: is a type of thermal energy produced from the heat in the earth’s crust.

  • 💨 Wind: is a type of mechanical energy made out of wind turbines.

  • ☀️ Solar: is a type of energy transformed from the radiant light and heat from the sun.

  • 💦 Hydraulics: is a type of energy produced by the water stored in reservoirs and lakes at a high altitude.

    This light bulb bot is powered by hydraulic energy…

    This light bulb bot is powered by hydraulic energy…

The Unibotz Art Fund

The Art Fund is our roadmap and the main reason we have put so much effort into this project. A portion of the revenue and the royalties is destined for two clear objectives:

  1. Support NFT artists.

  2. Scale the tezos NFT economy.

We spent a lot of time together designing how to accomplish those goals and ended up with the following structure.

unibotz art fund

Unibotz Art Fund Structure

  • Bucket 1 will support up-and-coming artists. We are looking for talented artists that are just beginning their #NFT journey. These artists have great potential but need help to get discovered by a wider audience.

  • Bucket 2 aims to invest in established artists. Those who are already selling their pieces, but could make it to the next level with a slight push.

  • Bucket 3 looks to invest in the community with events, like talks with experts on how to sell your crypto art? How to invest in NFTs? and educate the community about #CleanNFTs. Additionally, we will organize galleries to showcase the pieces we have collected.

The most crucial aspect is by owning an Unibot, you are a member of the Unibotz Art Fund. The membership will let you suggest the artists we should invest in, vote to decide how to invest and get access to benefits like premium auctions, airdrops, and giveaways.

Twitter avatar for @unibotz

Unibotz @unibotz

Many of you guessed it yesterday… This Unibot was inspired by Chappie 🤖!


6:49 PM ∙ Oct 15, 2021


The Team

The whole team met in the metaverse. We didn’t know each other four months ago. We are quite international as we come from Venezuela, Argentina, Mexico, Spain, and France. Working on this project has been super fun and proof that exciting things can come out of the metaverse.

  • Kaloh: Well, you know me, I like to collect and write about NFTs.

  • Multivac: They are a group of two super versatile artists from Argentina and the masterminds behind the Unibotz artistic style. Creators of the “Every day is a new day” series. Check out their creations Tezos and Eth.

  • Datzel: Mexican artist with a wicked and dark style. He has been supporting up-and-coming artists out of his pocket for a long time and fits perfectly into the art fund goals. Check his creations on Tezos here. I also wrote an edition about Datzel and one of his artworks in the past.

  • Tlalocman and Jupiter: Full-stack developers, leaping over Web 3.0. They took care of our smart contract, generative algorithm, and everything in between.

Honorary Advisor:

How to get one Unibot?

This Fish Tank bot lives in the dessert… Can you guess where exactly?

This Fish Tank bot lives in the dessert… Can you guess where exactly?

The launch date is still to be determined.

Stay up to date about the launch through our social channels:

Whitelist: You can get access to our pre-sale whitelist and reserve a bot. Join our Discord to learn how (almost 300 members already, will close soon!).

Twitter avatar for @unibotz

Unibotz @unibotz

We ❤️ the botz! Join the @unibotz whitelist, 48 hours left! - instructions in our Discord 🤖 #tezos #cleanNFTs #NFT

8:52 PM ∙ Oct 25, 2021


Oficial Website: www.unibotz.xyz

Mint Price: 15 Tez, +/- $95 USD.

We hope to significantly impact small and established artists, the tezos economy, onboarding new members into the metaverse and educating them about NFTs and their environmental impact. Unfortunately, this is not an easy task.

We need your help to share the botz so we can reach the next level together ✌️🤖🚀

Until next time,

- Kaloh

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