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10 things worth sharing about generative and crypto art

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Here are 10 things worth sharing about the generative and crypto art world:

1. [Kaloh’s Newsletter] Last week, I shared a market analysis on the curated AI platform BrainDrops 👉 READ HERE.

2. [Kaloh’s Newsletter] I have a newsletter banner! Designed in collaboration with The Paper Crane, it features elements from our community and writing.

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3. [Events] NFT Paris took place last week with a reported attendance of 18,000 visitors over two days. It featured a fantastic location with views over the Eiffel towel. Although logistics and more consumer-oriented spaces would have been ideal, it definitely showed the enthusiasm and potential of our space.

My main takeaway comes from Erick Calderon (aka snowfro, ArtBlocks founder) “In the future, we will have generative Paris, AI Paris, etc., as the communities keep growing. We will move on from generic NFT events to more customized experiences.”

I shared some updates on my new Instagram account.

Twitter avatar for @Kaloh_nft

Kaloh @Kaloh_nft

Robots painting at #nftparis https://t.co/CDOYtjLSWu

11:27 AM ∙ Feb 26, 2023


4. [Important News] fx(params) will launch in 20 days!

What is it? It’s a new paradigm where collectors have more control over the outputs as they can play with the parameters to mint a piece they love.

Find out more below.

Twitter avatar for @fx_hash_

fxhash @fx_hash_

🚀 fx(params) launch update 🚀 We're very excited to announce that fx(params) is launching on March 20! This feature has been a long time in the making, and much thought and work have gone into making it as rock solid a feature as possible.


6:45 PM ∙ Feb 24, 2023


5. [Upcoming Drop] TwelveFold by Yuga Labs - Dutch Auction in Bitcoin, later this week.

TwelveFold is a limited edition, experimental collection of 300 generative art pieces inscribed onto satoshis on the Bitcoin blockchain. These pieces represent a complete art project and will not have other utility or interact with or be related to any previous, ongoing, or future Ethereum-based Yuga projects.

Yuga joins the NFTs on Bitcoin movement with their first generative on-chain collection.

Twitter avatar for @yugalabs

Yuga Labs @yugalabs

Introducing TwelveFold. A limited edition collection of 300 generative pieces, inscribed on satoshis on the Bitcoin blockchain. TwelveFold.io


11:01 PM ∙ Feb 27, 2023


6. [Upcoming Drops] Calian by Eric de Giuli via ArtBlocks Curated - Dutch Auction, March 1.

The contemporary moment is defined by the appearance of artificial systems that mimic intelligent behaviours with uncanny skill: bots that you can converse with, machines that can act as pets, and even the algorithms that recommend ads to you. At times they appear as strange beings; alive. To make sense of this phenomenon, we are forced to reconsider our notion of the living state beyond what we are familiar with on Earth.

7. [Upcoming Drop] Bright Moments, despace.berlin, and fxhash partner up for the Berlin GenArt Month - 9th of March to the 4th of April.

Twitter avatar for @despace_berlin

despace.berlin @despace_berlin

The program features two gen art exhibitions, one plotter performance and a series of talks aimed at exploring generative art in the @tezos ecosystem. @andreasrau_eu @annaluciacodes @gengrdn @florianzumbrunn @larswander @schwittlick_ @_NatSarkissian @sarah_ridgley @williamapan


1:53 AM ∙ Feb 26, 2023

8. [Upcoming Drop] Microcosms by Fahad Karim via Consensus 2023 by Coindesk - March 2.

Fahad found inspiration in real-life events to create this long-form collection, which will serve as a mix of perks related to the annual Consensus event.

Twitter avatar for @fahadfalls

Fahad Karim @fahadfalls

Super excited to announce “Microcosms,” my new long-form generative art project created in collaboration with @CoinDeskStudios! Minting starts at 1pm ET this Thursday, March 2.


5:20 PM ∙ Feb 27, 2023


9. [Hot Collections] Smooth Steps by ertdfgcvb via fxhash (part of Companions of Code by VerticalCrypto Art)

Smooth Steps is the third generative collection released by Andreas Gysin on fxhash (following Towers and Device 1).

  • Total Volume: 50k+ Tezos.

  • Floor: 159 Tezos.

Twitter avatar for @koljaaa_

kolja.p7z @koljaaa_

.. when minting a smooth step i was hoping for one of the more shiny ones with a dark colored palette. yesyesyes. Masterful 🔥♡🤌 @andreasgysin fxhash.xyz/generative/slu…

6:24 PM ∙ Feb 23, 2023


10. [Interesting Reads] Google Cloud to Become Validator on Tezos Network, via CoinDesk 👉 READ HERE.

Until next time,

- Kaloh

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