🤓 In case you missed it - Hic et nunc edition

In case you didn’t hear about it, www.hicetnunc.xyz, the most popular dApp on Tezos, shut down yesterday for some time. It is now back on track.

What’s hic et nunc? Rafael (@crzypatchwork) created hic et nunc as an experiment that took off unexpectedly this year. A couple of months ago, the dApp had more transactions than Open Sea for a while and now has a current daily volume is 10k to 15k tezos +/- $90k. It has been super trendy because of the artist’s quality, low gas fees, and a solid community.

Here is what happened:

  • Yesterday, Rafael sent the following message on Discord and changed hic et nunc Twitter bio to "Discontinued”. A couple of hours after, he took down the website.

  • In approximately 2 hours, the www.DNS.xyz team, together with community support, brought the site to life again. It is now fully accessible through www.hicetnunc.art

  • The revival was possible because the smart contract is running on the Tezos network, and development is entirely open-source.

  • All your NFTs are safe (no need to panic!). All kinds of transactions are possible as if nothing happened.

  • On the same day, www.objkt.com (the second most popular dApp on Tezos) released its minting feature. NFTs from hic et nunc are visible and accessible on that platform.

  • Many are discouraged and unsatisfied with the reckless actions of hic et nunc founder. Others believe he accomplished something very remarkable, and all the exposure took a toll on his mental health.

  • Right now, Hic et nunc fees (2.5% of all sales) are still going to Rafael.

  • Meanwhile, Tezos is trending on Twitter, and the actual volume on hic et nunc is up.

So, where should hic et nunc go from here? Excited to hear your comments below 👇

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