🤓 In Case You Missed It + FxHash Hot Drops

Last week news and FxHash hot drops...

Hi there!

In case you missed it…

  • I published 👾 What The Heck Is 8bidou? Learn more about this trending Tezos NFT platform.

  • I created a new FxHash market analysis, the last one before the official launch. I shared detailed insights on Discord for Premium Members only. Consider getting a premium membership to get the full experience…

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Time for the last #fxhash market update before the official launch! 100+ #tezos floors Included new collections: @pointline_ (Uninhabitable), @lisaorthstudio (Between Stations), @iRyanBell (Fragments of a Wave), @cyrildiagne (Waxing Crescent), @ismahelios (Non Spaces) 1/X 👇


6:44 PM ∙ Apr 13, 2022


I made a shortlist of exciting collections for the FxHash opening. There aren’t exact dates or times yet, so the best way to mint would be to pay attention during the weekend…

Twitter avatar for @krankarta

KRANKARTA @krankarta

How it grows...

2:07 PM ∙ Apr 15, 2022


Twitter avatar for @erfanhoseinih

erfan hoseini @erfanhoseinih

:) WIP.5 soon on @fx_hash_ #generativeart #creativecoding


7:05 AM ∙ Apr 15, 2022


Twitter avatar for @yiwen_lin

Wen @yiwen_lin

@IOivm @jinyaolin and myself are so excited about the launch of the @fx_hash_ and can't wait to bring out our #fxcollab project to live ! Also equally excited about the new @0xDecaArt, with the ability to position the pieces freely will bring so much fun !


3:21 PM ∙ Apr 11, 2022


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Shawn Kemp @shawnkemp

gm #wip #fxhash


1:26 PM ∙ Apr 4, 2022


Twitter avatar for @Tezumies

Tezumie @Tezumies

Working with colors today, the stairs and grass have a nice mild hue and gradient now. #Tezumie #tezos #tez #fxhash #tezosart #nft #nfts #NFTCommunity #generativeart #genart #genartclub #p5js


3:42 PM ∙ Apr 9, 2022


Twitter avatar for @heyjeres

jeres @heyjeres

trying something new for my next #fxhash release, "entanglement" minting one-offs, mistakes and outputs i like to @objktcom on release, these will be randomly airdropped to current collectors of any of my projects. (links & more samples in 🧵 but here's a gif of #1-#4)


11:55 PM ∙ Apr 13, 2022


Twitter avatar for @pifragile

pifragile @pifragile

0xSiebe Will be published on April 16 on @fx_hash_ #generativeart #genartclub #creativecoding #tezos #fxhash


4:04 PM ∙ Apr 11, 2022


Twitter avatar for @solarise_webdev

Robin @solarise_webdev

Two more "Whisper" outputs. This generative artwork has been a real pleasure to work on. It's become something quite extraordinary & I'm really happy with the outputs. I hope that others can enjoy it as much as I have I'm aiming for a Sunday @fx_hash_ launch. More details tbc...


9:52 PM ∙ Apr 13, 2022


There is also a collection that hasn’t been announced yet from Ana Maria Cabellero. Here is a preview:

Unfurtonely I will be on a plane for most of the weekend and won’t be around much.

Enjoy your weekend!

- Kaloh

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