🤓 In case you missed it...

Here is what happened during the week...

Hi there!

In case you missed it…

  • I published 🧬 5 Reasons why Gen-Art NFTs are something special”. When it comes to generative art, there is much more than just aesthetics...

Read it here

  • Introducing Kaloh’s Referral Program! 👯‍♀️

I’ve been thinking for a while about better ways to help my readers showcase their NFTs. If you love my newsletter, you can now share it with your friends in exchange for:

  1. Share your art in the Shilling Section (up to 3 times).

  2. Share your art in the Featured Section at the top (the first thing my readers see!).

  3. I could write a whole edition about yourself, your art or your collection.

It is very simple, just share your referral link in your social networks or directly (you can get it below)

Refer your friends

PD: If you have any questions or suggestions about the referral program, feel free to reach out! ✌️

Enjoy your weekend!

- Kaloh

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