🗞 Zancan 6 Figure Sale, Sudoswap 0% NFT royalties and Tez Dev Paris...

Here are some exciting news from the last couple of days...

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Hello everyone!

I’ve been thinking about sharing short newsletter editions with important news from time to time. Here is the first one!

Zancan’s Lushtemples — Highlights of the Hike sold for 83k Tezos (~$150k) yesterday. This 1/1 was included in 10 Iconic One Of One NFTs (1/1s) On Tezos.

www.kaloh.xyz @Kaloh_nft

Sold for 83k #tezos 👏👏👏 Congratulations to @zancan and @Pronoia10! Lushtemples — Highlights of the Hike was the 1st piece I listed in 10 Iconic One Of One NFTs (1/1s) On Tezos Read it here 👉 kaloh.xyz/p/10-iconic-on…


12:52 AM ∙ Aug 16, 2022


Sudoswap new feature (sudoAMM) sparked a discussion around Twitter related to artists’ royalties.

Twitter avatar for @sudoswap

sudoswap @sudoswap

Announcing the public release of sudoAMM! sudoAMM is a new marketplace protocol that changes the way we think about NFT liquidity and trading. It is highly flexible, gas-efficient, and fully on-chain.


10:29 PM ∙ Jul 8, 2022


Watch Giancarlo’s YouTube video or read Zeneca’s Newsletter for more insights.

At the end of July, there was a Tezos Dev event in Paris. One reader posted this video on my Discord (consider getting a premium plan to access my Discord and other benefits).

It is a talk from FxHash (ciphrd), objkt.com and Rarible team members about building a marketplace on Tezos.

The Blind Gallery is coming to an end tomorrow. If you have a Mint Pass, it is time to exchange it at https://www.blindgallery.xyz. It won’t be possible to redeem it after tomorrow at 3 pm CEST.

If you don’t know what the Blind Gallery is, find out more here.

Until next time,

- Kaloh

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