🗞 NFT Show Europe, Gen-art volume distribution analysis, new Fx(Text) releases and giveaways recap

5 things worth sharing from last week...

gm and happy Monday!

Here are 5 things worth sharing from last week…

  • Last Saturday, I had the chance to moderate a generative art panel with an amazing lineup at NFT Show Europe in Valencia. I’ll share my learnings and discussion points in future newsletter issues.

Aleksandra Art 🇺🇦 @aljaparis

Live from @nftshoweurope 🎙 @Kaloh_nft in conversation with @carreras_anna @rudxane1 @Marta__Verde @ismahelios @sableRaph @jMarkusiewicz 🙌🏻 (& @piterpasma art with us)


2:58 PM ∙ Sep 17, 2022


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www.kaloh.xyz 🔮 @Kaloh_nft

just minted these 3 pieces at @nftshoweurope x @fx_hash_ by @luisfraguada (polyzygy), @loackme_ (a multitude) and @JosefPelz (PETRI) #nftse22


10:18 AM ∙ Sep 18, 2022


Until next time,

- Kaloh

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