🗞 Fx(Text) and my genesis article are open for minting, NFT Show Europe and Nomad Gallery

Here are 4 things worth sharing this week...

Hi y’all!

Here is a weekly recap to kickstart your lazy Sunday…

  • Fx(Text) is now live! It lets you write, publish, sell, and collect articles on the generative art platform Fx(Hash).

  • You can now mint my genesis Fx(Text) article, “Let’s take a step back.” Scroll to the bottom of the article to find the mint button.

Mint "Let's take a step back"

  • I’ll be moderating a gen art panel with an outstanding lineup - Piter Pasma, Anna Carreras, rudxane, Ismahelios, and Marta Verde- at NFT Show Europe (Saturday, 17th September in Valencia, Spain).

NFT Show Europe @nftshoweurope

As part of our series of #NFT art panels, we have the pleasure to announce "Generative art: algorithms tailoring a new art era". Moderated by @Kaloh_nft, w/ @piterpasma, @carreras_anna, @rudxane1, @ismahelios and @Marta__Verde on Saturday, 17th Sept. at #NFTSE22!


3:01 PM ∙ Aug 23, 2022


  • Nomad Gallery opens its doors on September 15th in Hollywood, California. Find out how they are taking their Web3 Mission into the Physical World.

Twitter avatar for @nomadblvd

Nomad @nomadblvd

Nomad Gallery is pleased to present _gen+esc (generation escape), an exhibit by Rabi. Opens 09.15.22. To attend the opening or to request the collector's preview, please email gm@nomadblvd.io. Go to nomadblvd.io to learn more.


9:19 PM ∙ Aug 15, 2022


See you next week!

- Kaloh

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