🗞 Blind Gallery Closing + Surprise Airdrops, Art Blocks Factory Market Update and #TunaTime

4 things worth sharing this week...

Hey y’all!

Here are 4 things I thought were worth sharing this week:

  1. The Blind Gallery - Bear Market Edition came to an end. Thanks to the 500 collectors and all the amazing artists who participated.

  2. The following artists created surprise airdrops or free mints for their Blind Gallery collectors:

  3. I shared an ArtBlocks Factory market analysis update.

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  1. A photography Tezos event called #TunaTime is ongoing until the 28th of August.

    • Photos related to water and fish.

    • 500 editions at 0.5 Tezos.

    • Here are some of my favorites so far…

SonΞr BAKIR TΞZ | "Feel" Edition (7/14) @Sondemart

@Kaloh_nft Hi, here is my photo for TezTunas #tunatime event. objkt.com/asset/KT195Ubp…


2:24 PM ∙ Aug 21, 2022

Twitter avatar for @BarbaraBezina

Bárbara Bezina @BarbaraBezina

I love #tezos events! I mean: I love Tezos! ❤️‍🔥 This is my contribution to #TunaTime "Unseen visitor" - 500 ed for 0.5 tez link below


11:39 AM ∙ Aug 21, 2022


Twitter avatar for @micca_art

Micca @micca_art

Low tide 🌅 0.5 tez 500 ed Burning when the event ends. #TunaTime (Link below)


11:42 AM ∙ Aug 21, 2022


Twitter avatar for @PapaBeardedNFTs

PapaBearded - #PBdailies - #Tezos4Nature @PapaBeardedNFTs

Events like #TunaTime are part of what makes #tezos so great! I’d forgotten that in my drive to raise prices (also important) If you collect my 0.5tz piece for this event, I will 100% check your page to see if you minted one for me to collect. Artists support artists 🤜🤛


10:05 PM ∙ Aug 20, 2022


Twitter avatar for @NftSariyildiz

Yavuz Sariyildiz.eth/.tez @NftSariyildiz

Minted for the #TezTunas #TunaTime event,🍀 500 edition 0.5 #XTZ Unsold pieces will be burned in 20 days #tezos objkt.com/asset/KT1QxTCK…

12:20 PM ∙ Aug 19, 2022


Twitter avatar for @iamugurozdemir

Uğur Özdemir ΞTH / TΞZ @iamugurozdemir

@Kaloh_nft ✨”Fisherman” 🐟 ✨Price:0.5 #XTZ #TunaTime #CleanNFT @objktcom 🔗Link 👇🏼 objkt.com/asset/KT1Uj7z8…


1:23 PM ∙ Aug 21, 2022


Twitter avatar for @Supashegs

Olusegun Elijah Aderinto @Supashegs

Just listed tis for the @TezTunas summer event week. #TunaTime Edition of 500 0.5. $XTZ All unsold copies will be burned on August 28th! Link:objkt.com/asset/KT1Q93Bn…


11:27 PM ∙ Aug 19, 2022


See you next week!

- Kaloh

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