ūüĖľ From Astonishing Murals to Blockchain Art - Eltono Story

From Public Spaces to Art Blocks, Eltono's art is very unique...

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I first heard about Eltono from an article he wrote a few months ago. He explained the roller coaster ride he experienced last year when his Etherium NFTs sold out in one day. After reading that story, I investigated more about his background. It turns out he is an established graffiti and street artist (over 50 real-life exhibitions over the past two decades!) who found a new home in the blockchain. He has minted on multiple platforms, including Art Blocks and FxHash. I had the chance to ask Eltono some questions about his journey.

Modo n.¬ļ39

Modo n.¬ļ39 by Eltono in Heerlen, Netherlands

How did you discover NFTs?

A friend of mine from Spain sent a message about it on a group chat in January 2021 and I instantly dove into it.

Andradite by Eltono

Andradite by Eltono on Art Blocks

Can you tell me a bit about your creation process?

I've been painting in the public space since 1999 and I started doing generative wall paintings in 2010. Generative art was a way for me to keep experimenting on flat square walls that had no architectural elements to draw a composition with. My process starts with a study of the wall, its dimensions, its surroundings. Then I find a grid and I prepare a graphic protocol playing with shapes and colors that match the space. The last step is executing the protocol, square by square, by myself or with participants. I made walls with up to 200 people! I test the protocol with a Processing script but when I'm at the wall, it's all by hand with dice, I never know how the wall will look like before the end of the painting.

 Eltono mural painting in Miami, Florida

Eltono mural painting in Miami, Florida.

When and why did you start creating mural paintings?

It was quite an organic process, graffiti led me to art school, art school made my street work evolve. People saw my work in the street and I had my first solo show in an art gallery in 2001. My first important mural was a commission by the Tate Modern for the Street Art exhibition in London in 2008.

Swing by Eltono on Art Blocks

Swing by Eltono on Art Blocks

How can NFT artists start creating murals like yours? Is there a process they should follow to get permission?

You have two ways, get out and paint. It's a little risky but fun. The other way is to look for commissions but it can be a slow process when you start.

Eltono @Eltono

Composition on building #22 Lopes Family’s house, Comunidade Norte 1, São Vicente, Cape Verde, 2017 eltono.com/en/murals/cabo…


12:16 PM ‚ąô Mar 10, 2022


Who are your favorite NFT artists, and why?

The first generative artist doing NFTs I came across was Jeff Davis in early 2021, following his work I discovered Artblocks and I was amazed by the platform, which was a very simple website at that time. In my gallery work, I always wanted to sell the artwork first and generate the work after, for me it was like a commitment from the collectors, it was the real way to understand generative art. I never found a proper way to make it work IRL but when I discovered Artblocks and how they used the blockchain technology, I was blown away...

Out of the NFT ecosystem, I'm a huge fan of Sol Lewitt and Francis Alys.

Punch-Cards by Eltono

Punch-Cards by Eltono

Don’t forget to follow Eltono on his Twitter account; he shares breathtaking photos of his murals there.

I'm also doing a lot of digital generative experiments, they are all cataloged on my website: www.eltono.com/lab.

Until next time,

- Kaloh

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