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#8 - Placebo by Datzel. His real name is David. He lives in the land of Tequila and Mariachis - Guadalajara, Mexico. Elements related to joy, lively colors, and big celebrations in Latinamerica...

Placebo by Datzel

Datzel’s real name is David. He lives in the land of Tequila and Mariachis - Guadalajara, Mexico. Elements related to joy, lively colors, and big celebrations in Latinamerica and many parts of the world. Not the case for Datzel’s art.

In this particular NFT - called Placebo - we see a young man sitting in a praying or meditating-like position. He is wearing formal dark gray attire. A perfectly symmetric line cuts the top of his head, but there is no blood or signs of pain. On top of his head floats a circle surrounded by a ring, which reminds me of Saturn. The scene takes place late at night and in a forest. Mushrooms the size of his legs surround him while his body points straight to a tree.

Perhaps what makes the particular piece so unique is the tree itself. There is another entity coming out of it. Although it is dark, you can easily spot the eyes of this entity looking at the man. In addition, there is a white aura surrounding the entity’s face and creating some mystery to the whole creation.

When asked about his inspiration for this piece, David mentioned the famous and iconic German painter David Caspar Friedrich.

File:Caspar David Friedrich - Easter Morning - WGA8289.jpg

Eastern Morning by David Caspar Friedrich

Man and Woman Contemplating the Moon by David Caspar Friedrich

I was really looking at David Caspar Friedrich's artwork, so I was inspired to create a background similar to his aesthetic. From there, I decided to create an exclusive piece, combining my style with some of his style.

All of Datzel’s pieces have a sort of mystery and darkness associated with it. Black is his trademark color.

I usually change the dynamics a lot, sometimes I start something without having a clear idea of what I'm going to do, other times I first make a sketch and start creating. The important thing about this and also, the most curious thing, is the result ends up being totally unexpected, from then on, the interpretation of my work becomes subjective. I try to have something bizarre, weird, that breaks with reality and the monotonous. To some extent that defines my aesthetic.

His career as a graphic designer started in 2017, and he learned Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop by himself. As time passed, he continued to study art and learned other tools like After Effects. Currently, he is getting better with Blender and c4d and would like to include them in his artistic arsenal in the future.

Although his first piece was minted in February 2021, the artist has established his brand and style, and his crypto-artist journey is just starting. His collections sell out in minutes, using the hic et nunc platform. In this platform, he has minted around thirty different pieces. “Spirit of Time” is his best-selling creation to date, as it went for 70 Tezos / $320 on the 3rd of June 2021.


Spirit of the time by Datzel


Mr. Crow by Datzel

For those starting, the Mexican artist has some advice. First of all, you have to be patient. It takes time for your art and style to spread and reach the community. Secondly, don’t compare yourself to other creators. Remember, everyone has a different path and career. Last but not least, focus on the relations you build with other artists, and more importantly, with collectors, rather than the numbers.

The bonds you make here will be more transcendent than sales.

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