🕵️ 6 Tezos Artists Flying Under The Radar

Here are 6 NFT artists with exceptional talent and potential

Happy Friday, everyone!

Today, I would like to share a brief list of 6 emerging artists I have been following over the past months who are creating outstanding artwork. It feels like they are flying under the radar, but I think that will change soon…

Most of them create art with code, although some use AI or traditional digital tools. Let’s start, in no particular order…

Anna is a German experimental painter who specializes in minimalistic color relationships and their transparencies in soak stain technique collections. Helen Frankenthaler and Morris Louis inspire her work. She joined the Tezos art scene in June 2022 and has released small collections on objkt com since then.

Some of my favorites are 6 Circles, Loop 6C and Colour Depth.

CD 023 by Anna Beller

CD 023 by Anna Beller (Colour Depth Collection)

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Sapir is a front-end engineer from Israel who joined the Tezos scene in June 2022. Since then, she has released four generative collections on FxHash. The first one to catch my eye was Puzzles & Mysteries, as she shared her development process over Twitter, and I thought she came up with a creative collection in a relatively short period. Sapir continued to display her skills and versatility with her last collection, titled Pashut.

Pashut #120 by Sapir Cohen

Pashut #120 by Sapir Cohen (animated)

Rami is a Swedish artist based in Stockholm who has released generative art collections on FxHash since November 2021. His works are usually interactive and combine generative audio with abstract visuals. My favorite collection thus far is Basil, which has a floor of 30 Tezos.

Basil #201 by Rami Awad nft

Basil #201 by Rami Awad (animated + sound on)

Helio Santos is a Mexican artist who combines artificial intelligence, custom algorithms, and sounds to create astonishing pieces. One of his most popular collections is Reconstructed Reality - where he “reconfigures landscapes with algorithms.”

This collection has commanded +5k Tezos in volume as Helio Santos is starting to get more eyes in his works.

Realidad reconstruida V by Helio Santos

Realidad reconstruida V by Helio Santos (animated)

DistCollective is a team of two Turkish software developers that teamed up to release long-form generative art since the early days of FxHash. Their style and delivery keeps improving on every new collection.

You can appreciate that in their last two releases, Solitude -I was impressed by the movement details- and Illusion City - very subtle palettes while maintaining the dark and low-lighted trademark.

Solitude #99 by DistCollective (animated) nft

Solitude #99 by DistCollective (animated)

Wouter has over 10 long-form generative art collections on FxHash. His last one, titled Minima, stood out to me as he combined his love of producing music with generative coding to make an abstract piece with tranquil sounds. The dutch artist calls it a study of color and focus.

Wouter Missler @woutmissler

Minima is releasing this Saturday on @fx_hash_ (audio on!) A study of color and focus. A culmination of everything I've learnt in this generative art journey so far. More details in the coming days. See you on Saturday! ☀️ #NFTartist #genart #fxhash #nftart #tezos #tezosart

2:32 PM ∙ Aug 30, 2022


There are many more phenomenal artists on Tezos (and other blockchains), but it is impossible to find them all. It’d be great to hear about your favorite emerging artists, so feel free to share them in the comments.

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Until next time,

- Kaloh

PD: I own pieces from most of these artists, including some of the featured pieces.

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