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This time, I looked at collections with a floor below 25 Tezos...

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Hello everyone,

Today I looked at FxHash collections with a floor below 25 Tezos (less than $50). Will any of these collections soon break the 100 or 1k Tezos floor price? Let’s see…

If you aren't familiar with my market analysis, I suggest your read this first.

As always, this isn’t financial advice. Please do your own research.

Access the spreadsheet → https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1acF-2hNcOXpOEruV4r0vsYFWhTyuCwPHcOcZJB7RFDU/edit?usp=sharing

FxHash Market Update 31.5.2022, less than 25 tezos floors.

FxHash Market Update 31.5.2022, less than 25 tezos floors.

FxHash General News and Stats

  • The last time we looked at this collection, Tezos was worth $4.49, and today it is worth $2.10, so it lost more than half of its value. The big crash across crypto and worldwide markets isn’t new; let’s take this to remind us how volatile crypto coins are.

  • In terms of users and volume over the past seven days, FxHash maintained the $1.7M volume and broke the 8k (+63%!) active user mark.

  • This subgroup of collections increased the floor by 87% but lost -12% when adjusted to dollars. Considering Tezos went down by more than half, it doesn’t seem too bad…

  • Listings went down by more than 2%.

  • Included new collections from multiple artists, among them Lisa Orth, Camille Roux, ismahelio, Third Vision, Volatile Moods, dmarchi, Claus Wilke, killedByAPixel, gpitombo, p1xelboy, compute, pixelwank, grainy, kusaki, Josef Luis Pelz, sizeight, punevyr, Jim The Bim, BITREVERSE, Florian Zumbrunn, artplusbrad. The previous floor column for these collections shows the mint price.

FxHash Top Movers

  • Yazid’s Lost Twins gained 380% on the floor (from 26 to 125) and is the clear winner from this group of collections.

  • Leander Herzog’s Returns follows Lost Twins after gaining 233% on the floor (21 to 70 Tezos). Listings also went down from 10.80% to 6.40%.

  • Rudxane’s Bingo gains 190% (22 to 64 Tezos) in third place. Only 6.5% of pieces are listed for this iconic collection. rings(∞) gained 170% and broke the 15 Tezos floor barrier.

  • Sticky Circles by Loackme +218% and the floor is 35 Tezos.

  • Subdivisions by Jeff Palmer +128%, the floor is 40 Tezos.

  • f- emerald by mrkswcz +122%, the floor is 40 Tezos.

  • Abbreviated Curves by landlines art +94%, the floor is 37 Tezos.

Surprise and Opportunities - Premium Subscribers Only

Top collections by low # of listings:

Top collecting by listings reduction:

These collections have a high number of listings (red flag):

  • Grud by pixelwank (52%)

  • Flow by OneDayOfCrypto (43%)

  • Love by teaboswell (43%)

Top collections by PTFR:

  • Gen DOS Punk by illusion (1040) - Unfortunately, this collection was very hyped after release. Its position highlights one of the drawbacks of PTFR - high volume produced by hype during a short period (e.g., after release) skews the data and doesn’t show popularity over time.

  • j.t.b.a.p.r.c.c.t.w.w.r.h.o.a.h.y.e.i by punevyr and Jim The Bim (608)

  • Celestial Collisions by generatecoll (533)

Top collections by PTFRwS:

  • Gardens by waxhead (2.29) - waxhead was very popular on FxHash in the early days, and his popularity decreased once the “layered images,” and “complete generative“ collections discussion started. I'm still a big fan of Waxhead, but it is essential to understand the difference.

  • Gen DOS Punk by illusion (2.03)

  • Sneronoi by Claus Wilke (1.7)

Besides these exciting stats, paying attention to the Art Basel Hong Kong drops is necessary. As you may know, multiple artists released collections only available for mint on site.

fxhash @fx_hash_

@ArtBasel As part of @tezos The Ever-Evolving World of Art exhibit, the fxhash interactive minting experience features 8 projects from renowned artists @IOivm @Yazid @alexis_o_O @msoriaro @jinyaolin @sarah_ridgley @lunarean @iRyanBell To mint, simply show up, and we'll handle the rest 🤝


9:13 PM ∙ May 24, 2022


I’m trying to figure out what could happen with these collections. On the one hand, it was almost impossible to get your hands on some as they were minted on site, or you had to be part of the reserve list. On the other hand, the mint price seems to be 0 for the reserve list spots, and they are vast collections of over 1k mints.

Until next time,

- Kaloh

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