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Let's take a look for the first time at this group of collections...

Hello everyone!

Today, I’ll take a look at ArtBlocks Factory gen art collections. If you are unfamiliar with ArtBlocks Factory, it contains a selection of collections curated by the ArtBlocks panel. Although these collections didn’t make it to the ArtBlocks Curated group, they still follow high standards for technical quality and artistic beauty.

The Factory Collection includes projects selected directly by Art Blocks and highlights our standards for technical quality and artistic beauty.

artblocks factory collection

Access the spreadsheet → https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1sG4y9JOzdLLdEcw8ZtZF3_X_LZVw5d4LFJLlPB09xlM/edit?usp=sharing

A couple of reminders:

  • If this is the first time reading my market analysis, I suggest you read this first.

  • This isn’t financial advice. NFTs are very volatile, and you should always do your own research.

  • This report is purely analytical. I’m not analyzing collections from an artistic point of view. I do that in other articles.

Art Blocks Factory and Ethereum General Stats

  • Ethereum has been rising over the past month, primarily due to the upcoming merge that will enable the blockchain to use Proof of Stake instead of Proof of Work. This is a vast improvement, mainly because it will save a lot of energy and be more environmentally friendly, among other reasons.

ethereum to usd chart
  • At this moment, the exact ETH value is $1,691. Nevertheless, some days ago, it went over $2k, as shown in the graph.

art blocks
  • According to dappRadar, ArtBlocks (across all collections) had over $11M in volume over the last month, representing a 51% decrease compared to the previous month. It had 4,554 users, which also saw a 28% decrease.

  • There are over 200 collections on ArtBlocks Factory. I took a snapshot of around 30 collections to kick things off; ideally, I'll include new collections in the future. I focussed on the collections that generated the most transactions in this first analysis.

Art Blocks Factory Top Collections

As this is the first time looking at this collection set, I’m unaware of the top movers, and I’ll highlight some collections that I found interesting.

  • dino pals by hideo has the highest floor among ArtBlocks Factory collections with 14 ETH. This collection had a total volume of over 2.5k ETH.

  • Automatism by Yazid follows dino pals with a 2 ETH floor. This collection is an outliner as it was dropped five months ago and has been very successful in market value. Read more about Yazid here.

Automatism #247 by Yazid

Automatism #247 by Yazid

  • sail-o-bots by sturec is the third and last collection with a floor over 1 ETH (1.88 ETH). The secondary volume is the highest, with over 5.5k ETH in total transactions.

  • LeWitt Generator Generator by Mitchell F. Chan had a floor of 0.88 ETH and a total volume of 2,5k ETH.

  • Hōrō by Makio135 is another artist that has dropped on FxHash and ArtBlocks. This collection has a 0.5 ETH floor and 416 ETH in volume.

  • Letters to My Future Self by Ryan Struhl is a unique concept I found very interesting. It has a floor of 0.25 ETH and over 700 ETH in the secondary market volume.

Letters to My Future Self #168 by Ryan Struhl

Letters to My Future Self #168 by Ryan Struhl

  • Octo Garden by Rich Lord has a floor of 0.48 ETH and 1.2k ETH in total volume.

Detailed Insights (For Premium Subscribers Only)

I’m pretty new to ArtBlocks Factory, so take these points with a grain of salt as I’m unaware of the history behind each collection (artistically and from a market perspective).

The following collections have low listings:

Flowers #6132 by RVig

Flowers #6132 by RVig

Using PTFR, the following collections stand out:

Using PTFRwS, the following collections stand out:

Flowers and Democracity stand out in two out of three categories.

Rapture #924 by Thomas Lin Pedersen.

Rapture #924 by Thomas Lin Pedersen.

It is worth mentioning that Thomas Lin Pedersen has multiple collections with high floor (non-factory) Screens, Inprecision, which makes Rapture an attractive bet considering the floor is at 0.3 ETH.

Until next time,

- Kaloh

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