📈 Weekly Update and FxHash Market Analysis

Last week news and FxHash market update...

Hi there!

In case you missed it, I published two articles this week:

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FxHash Market Update (25+ floor collections only)

Spreadsheet → https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1W98cJeOgfpQBguMwONJK_0VWDaBPkVxPHZsNXJZtwVI/edit#gid=2027846948

General Stats and News:

  • Added new mints from Mjlindow, nudoru, flockaroo, and flight404.

  • I’m starting to monitor wallets and artists from now on. Total wallets = 13.5k, artists = 1.7k . Those are key to understanding how fast is FxHash growing.

  • The big news is the dip. Tezos hits 2.79 - lowest since July 2021!

  • Huge spike in volume over the last 24 hours (29k XTZ) compared to the previous market update (6.3k XTZ). Most of it comes from Garden, Monoliths (22k XTZ).

  • Average collection’s floors dropped 4.3% compared to 16% last time. Nevertheless, the adjusted floor to USD declined 36% due to the Tezos (general crypto) market crash.

Top Movers:

  • The biggest jumps come from the newest mints. Flockaroo’s Mountain View (3.5 mint -> 165 floor), followed by flight404’s Growth V02 (20 mint -> 130 floor) and nudoru’s Could Mountain (12 XTZ -> 27 floor).

  • Two female artists have big days, Lisa Orth’s A stitch is Fine gains 160%, and the floor is now 65 (good to see one of my picks from the previous update doing well :)). The conjured by goldcat breaks the 200-floor mark once again after a whopping 84% increase. In addition, the listings went down to 15%, very healthy levels.

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Have a great Saturday afternoon and Sunday!

- Kaloh

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