📈 Market Analysis: fxhash Live Minting Experiences

Fxhash is an open platform to mint and collect Generative Tokens on the Tezos blockchain. Let's use over 30+ FxHash market analyses and see where it stands.

What is fxhash?

fxhash is a dynamic platform that empowers artists to release Generative Tokens, which are securely stored on the Tezos blockchain. These tokens are programmatically designed to generate unpredictable outcomes. When an artist enables a Generative Token, individuals with a Tezos wallet gain the ability to mint their very own distinct version of the token.

Each iteration produces a distinctive artwork, which is then preserved as a non-fungible token (NFT) on the Tezos blockchain. These NFTs adhere to the FA2 standard, enabling seamless exchangeability within the broader Tezos ecosystem, just like any other NFT.

fxhash Live Minting Experiences

Generative and crypto art skyrocketed during 2020 and 2021. One reason was the innovation brought by the blockchain and NFTs, but another big reason was the pandemic kept everyone in their homes, having more time to spend online — for good or bad.

During those two years, few to no events happened in real life. During 2022, things changed as more art conferences took place, and crypto art found its way to many events. Fxhash, in particular, has been present in six events, preparing live minting experiences where participants can mint a generative token created by talented artists.

As we are getting close to the end of 2022, and there won’t be more live-minting experiences until 2023, it felt like a good time to review these collections.

Let’s see what we find…

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Access the spreadsheet here.

Fxhash live minting experiences 2022 collections. 11.12.2022.

Fxhash live minting experiences 2022 collections. 11.12.2022.

General Stats

  • - 28 different artists have created 28 collections across 6 events.

  • - A total of 20,343 tokens have been minted.

  • - The primary sales volume has been 78,570 Tezos.

  • - The secondary volume has been 279,314 Tezos.

  • - The average floor is 38.50 Tezos.

  • - The average market cap per collection has been 25,284 Tezos (floor multiplied x collection size).

Top Performers

Highest collections by floor (Tezos):

Grid Studies by rudxane

Grid Studies by rudxane has the highest floor among live minting experiences drops.

Highest collections by market cap (Tezos):

el inefable momento by msoriaro

el inefable momento by msoriaro has the highest volume among live minting experiences drops.

Highest collections by secondary volume:

Microgravity by iRyanBell

Microgravity by iRyanBell has one of the highest secondary volume among live minting experiences drops.

Fewer pieces listed:

WHISPERS (in code) by Ivona Tau

WHISPERS (in code) by Ivona Tau has the lowest pieces listed in the market among live minting experiences drops.

Key Takeaways:

  • Some collections were given for free, while others were given for a considerably low minting price.

  • The collections supply has been higher than usual, as it is hard to predict the number of participants in the events.

  • The main goal has been to onboard new collectors and users to the whole generative art world; therefore, the focus has never been purely economic.

  • Most of the time, artists open the collections for public sale at their discretion. Sometimes, they shorten the supply or give reserve spots to their loyal collectors.

I feel real-life experiences will play a more significant role moving forward. As our space grows and generative art gets more adoption, we could see collectors traveling the world to mint some of their favorite artists’ pieces.

Although most of these collections have a high supply, they could have a special value as they were created during the first year of live minting experiences. Iconic events like Art Basel could add up to their collectible value.

Did you see anything special in the data? would love to hear your thoughts in the comments or just reply to this email.

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