📈 FxHash Market Update - 25 to 100 Tezos Floors

Let's look at the collections with the biggest upside on the FxHash platform...

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Hi everyone!

Today I’m reviewing FxHash collections with a floor between 25 and 100 Tezos ($35 to $150). I ran a poll on Twitter, and this was the most popular group. These collections are on the edge of joining the 100 to 500 Tezos group and potentially the 500+ Tezos group so they have the most significant upside.

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2:53 AM ∙ Jun 28, 2022


If this is the first time reading my market analysis, I suggest you read this first.

FxHash market update 25 to 100 Tezos floors - 29.6.2022

FxHash market update 25 to 100 Tezos floors - 29.6.2022

Link to spreadsheet → https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pe-tqV92uXJthzgFJ2AovjFUoXqbFK374icG-Hc49Zk/edit#gid=1168139114

Tezos transactions and contract calls are about to hit the same values as in May (two more days in June) - Stats from TzStats.

Tezos transactions and contract calls are about to hit the same values as in May (two more days in June) - Stats from TzStats.

FxHash and Tezos General News and Stats

  • Included these collections: Heat Death by lunarean, el inefable moment by msoriaro, Microgravity by iRyanBell, peaks by riis, Miniscapes by Rich Poole and ThePaperCrane, Composizione Semplice by Emanuele Pasin, Pobbles by Orr Kislev, Sketch C by ippsketch, Paper shop by Kunio Okuizumi, Shapes on a Plane by MountVitruvius, Draad by monokai, Motors by 1mpo$ster.

  • The last time we looked at this group of collections, Tezos’ value was $2.02 and now is at $1.49 (-25%). The average floor went up by 17%, but down by -13% when adjusted to dollars. We see some drawbacks after weeks of constant average floor growth. Nevertheless, many collections are rising in value, and successful mints are happening daily.

  • Users and volume over the past week took a big hit, 4.37k (-23%), and the weekly volume fell to $600k from over $1.5M - Stats taken from dappRadar.com

  • Listings increased by 1.84% in these subgroups of collections.

FxHash Top Movers

  • Reading a book by Kim Asendorf went up to 145 Tezos (+45% and 7% when adjusted to $). There are only 54 pieces listed for sale (5.4%), making it the collection with the lowest amount of pieces listed for sale in %.

  • Clew by abstractment broke the 100 Tezos floor mark (111.8 Tezos, +38%).

  • Mandaloids by jamportz is about to break the 100 Tezos mark after moving from 69 Tezos to 95 Tezos.

  • Heat Death by lunarean currently has a 102 Tezos floor, making it the collection with the highest floor from the Hong Kong Art Basel and FxHash on-site mint event.

  • Miniscapes by Rich Poole, ThePaperCrane minted out a couple of weeks ago in a dutch auction that ended in the 9 Tezos level. The floor is 84 Tezos (+833% from the lowest mint price).

  • Pobbles by Orr Kislev minted out two days ago for 16 Tezos (Dutch Auction) and already has over 20k Tezos in the secondary volume. The floor is 84 Tezos.

  • Sketch C by ippsketch minted for 10 Tezos, and the floor is 39 Tezos (+290%).

  • Composizione Semplice by Emanuele Pasin is another successful mint from the past weeks, minting for 10 Tezos and moving up to 65 Tezos (+550%).

  • Microgravity by iRyanBell leads this group of collections with over 35k Tezos in the secondary volume, making it the most traded collection from the Art Basel Hong Kong event.

Surprise and Opportunities - Premium Subscribers Only

These two collections stand out to me right now. They were made by solid artists, have good overall numbers, and are “iconic” (Fxhash Genesis).

Top collections by PTFR:

These are the top 3 collections by PTFRwS:

  • Elswhere by elsif (1.25) - I’m particularly interested in this collection. I missed the mint, and the floor moved up too quickly. It is now at 20 Tezos floor, but I feel like it might go down a bit more due to the 27% of listings. I’ll monitor this one closely.

  • Metamorphose One by Metamorphosis (0.94)

  • Breach 2021 by wblut (0.92)

Better to be careful with these collections because there are too many listings:

I noticed that the Hong Kong Art Basel collections floors dropped significantly during the last weeks. These collections were minted for free and are very big (at least 800 pieces), which affects their value. Nevertheless, these are some of the most popular artists on the platform.

How much will they drop? I’ll monitor them as I would like to grab one of each at some point.

Until next time,

- Kaloh

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