📈 FxHash Market Analysis - 100 to 500 Tezos Floors

It has been almost two months since we looked at this group of collections...

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Hello everyone!

It has been around two months since we last reviewed FxHash collections between 100 and 500 Tezos. Many are moving up to this range, so I had to expand the list to 60 collections ( I’ll continue to add more over time).

A couple of reminders:

  • If this is the first time reading my market analysis, I suggest you read this first.

  • This isn’t financial advice. NFTs are very volatile, and you should always do your own research.

  • This report is purely analytical. I’m not analyzing collections from an artistic point of view. I do that in other articles.

nft analytical report

Link to spreadsheet → https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TVz_s32Qgq87HAr_svpMw6KHEp6F7-97wIivuvShl90/edit?usp=sharing

FxHash and Tezos General News and Stats

  • Included new collections from Millefoglie by Stefano Contiero, Sprocket Factory by iRyanBell, Tesseract by Studio Yorktown, Atoms' Gaze by Krankarta, Cables and Clouds by DisruptedStar, GTX by Jimi Wen, Thomas Noya, Disjoint and Disoriented by dmarchi, lunarean, Elevation by andreasrau, Dencity by hevey, Device 1 by ertdfgcvb, NAZCA by Kim Asendorf.

  • The last time we looked at this group of collections, Tezos’ value was $1.86. The current price is $1.5. Although it is not going up (similarly to all coins), it is bringing much-needed stability.

  • FxHash users and volume over the past 7 days: 5.2k users (+17%) and $2.27M (+116%). This is the highest FxHash weekly volume I’ve seen until now—stats from www.dappradar.com.

  • General floors went up by +48% and +20% when adjusted to dollars.

  • Listings increase by +0.5%, which is not very common (listings usually go down).

FxHash Top Movers

Many of the new mints had Dutch Auctions. The previous floor column indicates the lowest dutch auction level for the recently included collections.

  • Millefoglie by Stefano Contiero was minted for free but had a lot of reserves. The floor is now 185 Tezos.

  • Tesseract by Studio Yorktown has been trending for many weeks (66k Tezos in secondary volume). It minted for 8 Tezos, but the floor is 300 Tezos now.

  • Art For Walls In Public Spaces and Perpetual Oscillations by Anna Lucia have whopping gains. The former leads the list and breaks the 500 Tezos mark (currently at 800 Tezos floor, +220%), while the Perpetual Oscillations has a floor of 290 Tezos (+141%).

  • Atoms' Gaze by Krankarta moved from 12 Tezos at mint price to 240 Tezos floor (+1900%).

  • Cables and Clouds by DisruptedStar minted for 20 Tezos and has a 290 Tezos floor (+1350%). Over 30k Tezos in secondary volume.

  • GTX by Jimmi Wen and Thomas Noya proved to be a fantastic collab. Mint price was 36 Tezos, and the floor is about to break 500 Tezos (+1286%).

  • Disjoint and Disoriented by dmarchi and lunarean minted in a dutch auction, and the reserves reached the 25 Tezos level. The Floor is now 160 Tezos.

  • FXHASH Generative Logo by fxhash slowed down and has shown some life recently. The floor is currently 249 Tezos (160%).

Surprise and Opportunities - Premium Subscribers Only

I’m impressed with FxHash breaking the $2M volume over seven days. Considering Tezos is at a ridiculously low value, it is even more remarkable. Maybe the Proof Of People event helped? I don’t think we are far away from the $10M weekly volume.

Collections with a high reduction in listings (fewer owners are looking to sell):

Collections with a low number of listings:

Top collections by PTFR:

Top collections by PTFRwS:

Some have asked how precise the PTFR and PTFRwS metrics are until now. They seem to be solid spotting opportunities at a high level, but I’m preparing an update (remember, those are still experimental metrics).

This was a solid update - floors going up 48%, FxHash breaking the $2M weekly volume, and more collections entering the 100-500 Tezis range. These are clear signs that FxHash keeps growing steadily.

Until next time,

- Kaloh

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