📈 FxHash Market Analysis

Let's take a look at the 25 Tezos to 100 Tezos floor collections

Hello everyone!

Time for a new FxHash Market Analysis update. This report isn’t financial advice (please do your own research). If this is the first time reading this, I suggest you look at this first.

Link to spreadsheet → https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1W98cJeOgfpQBguMwONJK_0VWDaBPkVxPHZsNXJZtwVI/edit?usp=sharing

FxHash Market Analysis

FxHash Market Analysis - 25 to 100 Tezos floors only - 8.6.2022

FxHash General Stats and News

  • Tezos’ price didn’t move much since the last update (2.07 to 2.02).

  • FxHash users and volume over the last seven days were 5.83k users and $1.21M. Both categories are lower than the previous update (8k users and $1.7M), but we saw all-time highs last time, so you could say this was expected.

  • Included new collections from Yazid (Gestalt), Aleksandra (MID-CENTURY MODERN, Herbarium), ileivoivm (Chaos Culture), phaust (Paper Planes), Jinyao Lin (forsaken), and Sarah Ridgley (Eyeshadow Roses).

  • The floors in these collections went up by 25% on average, although this was caused by the inclusion of the Art Basel Honk Kong collections that were released for free and had very high floors. If we exclude those, floors went up by 14% (not bad either).

  • Listings went down by 0.78%.

Top Movers

  • The top movers were the Art Basel Hong Kong collections, as they were minted for free. Chaos Culture by ileivoivm, Gestalt by Yazid, Eyeshadow Roses by Sarah Ridgley, and Herbarium by Aleksandra. There were more collections in that event, but the others have floors over 100 Tezos, so I didn’t include them.

  • forsaken by Jinyao Lin was just included in the list; the previous floor price shows the original mint price. This collection has a floor of 101 Tezos now.

  • Mining Structures by laxraven & R1B2 jumps from 34 Tezos floor to 100 Tezos (+194%).

  • Paper Planes by phaust was just added to the list, and the floor is currently 64 Tezos. This collection was initially minted for 32 Tezos.

  • MID-CENTURY MODERN by Aleksandra also made the list - the original price was 5 Tezos and just broke the 50 Tezos floor barrier.

  • NFT by Shvembldrwent up to 95 Tezos from 49 Tezos (+91%).

  • Aspergo by dmarchi gained 55% and is about to break the 100 Tezos mark.

  • Particulate Hash by Liam Egan gained 42%, and the floor is now 90 Tezos. This is the 8th minted collection on the platform.

  • Windswept by teaboswell gained 41%, and the floor is now 39 Tezos.

Suprise and Opportunities - Premium Subscribers Only

Top collections by low # of listings:

Top collecting by listings reduction:

These collections have a high number of listings:

Top collections by PTFR:

Top collections by PTFRwS:

FxHash broke $1M in volume per week again in general terms. That is excellent news. Some signals hint at a slight drawback in floors and volume. I wrote this in previous updates as there were some massive gains over the past month. This is something natural, the market corrects itself, and we will probably see some floors going down in the 20% to 50% range. FxHash market data history is relatively small (less than a year since release), so it is hard to speculate or calculate what will happen exactly. So far, we have seen cycles (very aggressive on both ends), so we could say we are entering a new and slower cycle.

What to do during this time? Well, first of all, no need to panic if floors go down a bit. Nothing can sustain 100% gains week to week. Now is an excellent time to explore collections and get good deals, especially on top collections. I don’t necessarily mean today, more over the next couple of weeks.

Until next time,

- Kaloh

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