📈 Art Blocks Curated Market Update

Let's see what has changed over the past two months...

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Hello everyone!

Since the last Art Blocks market update, there have been four new curated drops. Also, there was a big crash in ETH value and volume. As the ETH market seems to be recovering (ETH is up 35% over the past month), I think it is the right time to see the effect on Art Blocks.

market summary ether graph

A couple of reminders:

  • If this is the first time reading my market analysis, I suggest you read this first.

  • This isn’t financial advice. NFTs are very volatile, and you should always do your own research.

  • This report is purely analytical. I’m not analyzing collections from an artistic point of view. I do that in other articles.

Link to spreadsheet → https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gW0r8ZPRIgFU2xfK6P3TLuN_Jc0hT1J5A8jdM3uRS88/edit?usp=sharing

Art Blocks Curated Market Update - 21.7.2022

Art Blocks Curated Market Update - 21.7.2022

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Art Blocks Curated and Ethereum General Stats

  • Included new collections: Running Moon by Licia He, Sudfah by Melissa Wiederrecht, Montreal Friend Scale by Amon Tobin, and Colorspace by Tabor Robak

  • As I mentioned earlier, ETH seems to be recovering from its lowest point in a long time (~$900) and it is worth $1515 right now. The last time we reviewed Art Blocks, its value was $2320 (-35%).

  • The whole ETH blockchain had its worst month in over a year in June 2022. Nevertheless, volume and active wallets are finally going up in July.

eth blockchain graph

Orange line indicates the number of sales, the white line indicates active wallets. Graph courtesy of nonfungible.com

  • Art Blocks curated floors went up by 32% on average when using ETH as a reference. In contrast, they went down by -13.5% when adjusted to dollars.

  • General listings went down by 1.42% (from 9% to 7.58%), which is a great sign as these collections already had low listings (below 10%).

  • The total market cap of all Art Blocks Curated collections is 377,744.58 ETH ($572.2M).

  • Here is a users and volume comparison between FxHash and Art Blocks from last week.

www.kaloh.xyz @Kaloh_nft

7 days users/volume: @artblocks_io / @fx_hash_ Users: AB 3k / FX 5.3k Volume: AB $7.3M / FX $2.28M


4:34 PM ∙ Jul 13, 2022


Art Blocks Curated Collections Top Floor Movers

Surprises and Opportunities (For Premium Subscribers Only)

Collections with a low number of listings:

Collections with the most significant listings drop:

Top collections by PTFR:

Top collections by PTFRwS:

Judging by the metrics, these collections stand out:

  • Ringers by Dmitri Cherniak didn’t move with the market as the floor went down from 59.99 to 58 ETH. -3.32% and -37% when adjusted to dollars. If you are a fan of this classic, this might be the best time to get one. Interestingly, the listings went down to 2.8% (there are only 28 listed out of 1000).

  • Judging by the metrics, Geometry Runners by Rich Lord and Skulptuur by Piter Pasma seem to be in a good position. Keep in mind that PTFR and PTFRwS are experimental metrics and still have to review their performance so take those indicators with a grain of salt for now.

Until next time,

- Kaloh

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