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Welcome to the Sunday edition of the hidden gems, where I curate interesting and sometimes overlooked art, products, content, and news related to the blockchain art world.

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💎 Gem of the day

SOL by Cory Haber

"SOL" by Cory Haber is a unique collection of 365 generative paintings, each capturing a distinct moment of sunrise. Utilizing 2023 astronomical data, every piece is differentiated by specific location, date, time, and sunrise angle. These details are recorded on each painting and the Blockchain, ensuring no two SOLs are identical.

This collection is inspired by Andy Warhol’s Sunset Series.

Cory Haber, Generative Art, SOL Collection, 1/1/365.

October 20, 2022.

SOL #74 by Cory Haber.

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📕 Interesting Read

Make Ethereum Cypherpunk Again by Vitalik Buterin

Vitalik, Ethereum’s co-founder, looks back at the early days in Bitcoin communities and talks about the dream of using crypto to build a more open, free world. It covers how Ethereum has grown, the issues it faces, new technologies, and the need to mix tech smarts with a strong community vibe to create a free and decentralized future.

Read here

🔥 Product to Watch


Zora is a protocol and marketplace focussed on new media. I have been impressed by the variety of ‘imagination’ minted and their rapid pace of development. Besides crypto art, you can find a great deal of media content, such as podcasts, articles, memberships, and more.

They also pioneered a referral system, where you can receive onchain rewards by sharing the Zorbs (what Zora’s NFTs are called) you love.

Jobs at ZORA - Cryptocurrency Jobs

Try it here

🎙 Kaloh’s Podcast

The Evolution of Art in the Age of NFTs and AI ft. Alex Estorick

Last week, I published an exciting conversation with Alex Estorick, Right Click Save's Editor-in-Chief.

🙌 Highlight of the Week

The Diffusables by ClownVamp

This week, I received a gift… By mail!

AI artist, ClownVamp, sent these AI polaroid prints to his collectors and supporters.

The Diffusables by ClownVamp

This got me thinking about how artists could follow this example. Definitely a great way to show appreciation and build long-lasting connections.

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- Kaloh

PD: in case you missed it, last week, I shared a deep dive about Solana, its blockchain art scene, and what is driving its comeback.

I thought I could publish weekly deep dives, but I quickly realized in order to provide high-quality content, I’ll need to publish those bi weekly.

The Podcast and hidden gems will continue to run on a weekly basis ✌️

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