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Advice on selling generative art, Joyn.xyz new curatorial feature and more!

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💎 Gem of the day

Heart of Porcelain by Jenni Pasanen

A girl made of porcelain, so delicate and fragile. Hair as white as snow, eyes as blue as the sea, her heart as pure as the cloudless sky.

But the girl had been hurt before, and she was afraid to feel pain again. So she locked her heart and emotions away, hid the key where it can't be found.

As the years passed, emotions inside her grew and grew, and the girl's porcelain skin began to crack and chip. Sadness, loneliness and even love she held inside wanted to be freed once again.

As the years passed by, the girl no longer spoke, no longer danced or laughed. She had become a statue of porcelain, more beautiful than light. The key that was long lost, hidden away, can it be found once again?

Jenni Pasanen

Heart of Porcelain by Jenni Passanen

Heart of Porcelain by Jenni Pasanen, AI, 1/1.

January 8, 2023.

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About Jenni Pasanen

Jenni Pasanen is a Finnish artist famed for fusing digital painting with AI, creating works that explore the synthesis of human and machine creativity. With a life dedicated to art, she transitioned to full-time artistry in 2021. Her art, rich in imagination and unprecedented forms, reflects a journey through various mediums.

Jenni Pasanen studied graphic design and worked in branding and marketing for over a decade. She has been exhibited at Kate Vass Galerie, Bright Moments, and Christie’s, among others.

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📕 Interesting Read

Thoughts on Selling Generative Art by Phil Mohun

Phil Mahon, part of Bright Moment's core team, wrote an article advising on selling generative art from his experience. He touches on critical factors like supply, price, and marketing.

It's a great read for artists and collectors alike.

Read it here

🔥 Product to Watch


Although I am super happy with Substack as a platform, Paragraph.xyz is an exciting on-chain newsletter and publishing platform. They let writers create a newsletter and blog, publish content in the form of NFTs, and also manage their subscribers via email and wallets.

I know plenty of you like to write —if I were starting today, I would give Paragraph a shot.

Papyrus is now Paragraph - Paragraph

Try it here!

🎙 Kaloh’s Podcast

Curating Computational and Digital Art Legends ft. Anika Meier

Here is a throwback to one of my favorite Podcast episodes, where I had a great chat with the writer, curator, and Expanded.Art founder, Anika Meier.

🙌 Highlight of the Week

Curatorial Feature at Joyn.xyz

I’ll be curating some of my favorite works on Joyn.

This is an excellent opportunity for artists to share their art, get looks, and maybe sell a few works…

Curatorial Feature at Joyn.xyz

Learn more

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