💎 A Haskell-coded generative art collection

Ben Kovach's curated collection, poems at Sotheby's, one of my fav blockchain products and more!

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💎 Gem of the day

inertia #25 by Benjamin Kovach

Inertia #25" by Ben Kovach reveals the nuanced complexity of generative art, employing Haskell-coded algorithms for naturalistic results. Techniques like rectangular subdivision, Poisson disc sampling, and convex hulls mimic linocut aesthetics. The series, distilled from 10,000 pieces to 75, showcases duotone palettes inspired by Kovach's own paintings.

Ben Kovach, Generative coded art, Inertia #25, 1/1/x.

November 17, 2022.

Inertia #25" by Ben Kovach

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About Ben Kovach

Ben Kovach is a generative artist who began creating procedurally generated artwork in 2017. He is known for using mathematics, physics, and Haskell programming language.

Ben has been curated by Art Blocks, and exhibited by Bright Moments, Gazelli Art House, WEN Tokyo, Unit London, and verse, among others.

The space of possible outputs from a computer is mind-blowingly large. My goal is to exploring the slice of that space that reflects my taste as an artist, and share that slice with the world.

Ben Kovach

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📕 Interesting Read

Why most crypto assets are grotesquely overvalued by Polynya

Polynya vividly describes the crypto world as a thrilling, speculative arena where Bitcoin and Ethereum reign supreme, capturing over 75% of the market. Despite economic predictions, this high-stakes domain continues its wild ride, fueled more by speculation than productivity.

Read here

🔥 Product to Watch


Today’s product is something I’ve been using daily for the last couple of months. Farcaster is a protocol for decentralized social apps.

This means it's a social network with decentralization advantages like owning your audience and instant connectivity to your blockchain assets, actions, and more.


I’ve enjoyed it much more than other social networks because users are interested in blockchain technology and digital art, producing unique conversations. There are over 200,000 users, and the network is growing fast, with unique apps and communities for technology, business, and different kinds of art.

I can send you an invite if you reply to this email or go ahead and sign up below.

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🎙 Kaloh’s Podcast

Navigating the World of Bitcoin Ordinals ft. Harto

Last week, I published an exciting conversation with Spanish generative artist Harto. We discussed his career as a creative and how blockchain art, specifically on Ordinals, has changed his life.

This is a great resource for learning about the Ordinals Bitcoin ecosystem.

🙌 Highlight of the Week

CORD by Ana María Caballero Auctioned at Sotheby’s

It is exciting to see Ana María Caballero, a long-time community member and pioneer poet, being auctioned at Sotheby’s. Her poem, CORD, was curated by another community member, FAR.

Ana Maria Caballero at Sotheby's

Widely recognized as a digital poetry pioneer whose own practice is transforming the way language is exhibited, experienced, and transacted

The current bid is $7,500 (10 hours to go at the time of writing).

Bid here

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