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Learn more about a new NFT collecting experience showcasing some of the best NFT creators in the space

Update: Join the Blind Gallery Discord here.

In the 70s, a French wine businessman organized a wine tasting competition in France (considered the world’s best wine producer), resulting in a shock to the wine world. A Californian wine rated best in each category, defeating French wines for the first time in history. The intriguing thing is it was a blind taste made by French judges. My dad loves this story and constantly talks about it (read more about it here).

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The Blind Gallery is an NFT experience coming to the Tezos blockchain

Recently, I remembered this story after talking with my dad, and I thought this setup made perfect sense for the current NFT art situation. A gallery where you could collect the pieces of art you love without the effects of names, hype, followers, exposure, etc., could be a fantastic experience to highlight and bring NFT art forward.

With that note, I would like to share an exciting new project I’ve been working on with exceptional NFT artists. It is called the Blind Gallery.

I’ll be showcasing all the NFTs over the next couple of weeks, including the artwork’s inspiration, story, and tools used to create them. After that, we will open the Mint Pass sales on the Blind Gallery website on the Tezos blockchain.

You can exchange a mint pass for your favorite NFT during the Exchange Period. In the end, once the Exchange Period is over, the artists’ identities will be revealed.

Blind Gallery’s Mint Pass

You can exchange the Blind Gallery’s Mint Pass for your favorite NFT.

About the artists and the NFTs

I couldn’t be more stoked about the talent and diversity of styles participating in this event. Some of the best traditional, generative, and pfp creators submitted special NFT for this gallery.

They have been trying to find the muse using the blind concept. The following prompts: “unknown, anon, mystery, secret, classified, confidential" were given as inspiration options. Also, many of them decided to use the occasion to try something different so that the guessing game wouldn’t be that easy.

I’ll be sharing hints and the artwork throughout my Twitter account and the Blind Gallery Discord during the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned…

Hint 1: Almost all of the participating artists have been featured in my newsletter 👀

How many NFT editions will there be?

The final amount of editions per NFT will depend on the collector’s selection. Depending on the exchange process, some NFTs will have a low amount of editions while others might have a high number.

When is the Mint Pass sales date?

  • Mint Pass Sales (4th of June)

  • Each Mint Pass cost 15 Tezos and there will be 1100 in total.

  • The Exchange Period will last one week (6th of June - 13th of June)

  • Artists Reveal Party (13th of June)

What happens after the exchange period?

All the pieces will be available on an objkt.com collection. You can trade them there if you would like to.

After exchanging your mint pass, you will receive a Minting Certificate. This certificate NFT is proof that you participated in the event and will grant you benefits on upcoming Blind Gallery editions.

More questions?

Check out the Blind Gallery website, the Frequent Asked Questions at the bottom, or send me a message on Twitter.

I can’t wait to reveal all the NFTs and the artists behind them!

Until next time,

- Kaloh

PD: on the 13th of May, a snapshot was taken, and all newsletter premium subscribers will get one mint pass airdropped. I’ll follow up with instructions on how to receive your airdrop in an upcoming email and through Discord.

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