👁 🐻 Introducing the Blind Gallery - Bear Market Edition

Here are all the details about the next Blind Gallery experience!

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Hello everyone!

It is finally time to unveil all the details about the upcoming Blind Gallery edition!

But first, let’s take a step back and review the Blind Gallery concept.

The Blind Gallery is a new collecting experience on Tezos where art is at the center stage. Collectors select the artworks they like without knowing who the creators are.

The inspiration, story, and hints about the artists and their artworks we’ll be shared during the event, so you can try to guess who they are.

You can exchange a Mint Pass for your favorite NFT during the Exchange Period. In the end, once the Exchange Period is over, we’ll reveal the artists’ identities.

You can see the artwork from the first edition here and the official website here.

The Bear Market Theme

The current worldwide situation is affecting everyone, despite your role in or out of the NFT and art space. We want to leave a historical stamp and remember this as a time when artists transformed difficult times into something special.

The Blind Gallery - Bear Market Edition Mint Pass (designed by Datzel).

The Blind Gallery - Bear Market Edition Mint Pass (designed by Datzel).

A new group of outstanding artists has been working heads down for weeks, creating their own version of the bear market piece. The given prompts were:

“Bear market, FUD, NFTs are dead, right click save, economic recession, high inflation.”

Blind Gallery @BlindGallery_

Hint 1: The next Blind Gallery will showcase a mix of generative art, AI art, and trad art ( digitally altered and non-altered) We've seen the artists playing with figurative, abstract, and semi-abstract compositions Who do you think is participating this time 👀? #blindgallery

12:23 PM ∙ Jul 24, 2022


Important Dates

  • The artworks will be revealed from the 1st to the 8th of August.

  • The Mint Pass sales will happen on our website on the 9th of August.

  • The Mint Passes can be exchanged for one NFT from the 11th to the 17th of August.

  • We’ll reveal the artists after that.

Feedback From the Community

We listened to your feedback, and this time the NFTs will be minted directly by each artist using an anon wallet instead of the Blind Gallery wallet. This way, the artists can update their wallet information after the event, thus making it more transparent and easy to access.

We had three objectives when designing this edition, and all are equally important to us.

  1. Reward our supporters and collectors. We couldn’t be more grateful to see many enthusiastic collectors at the first event. We involved community members in the design of this edition. We listened to their feedback regarding the pricing, utility, and Mint Pass supply.

  2. Reward the participating artists for their effort. Outstanding artists are part of the Blind Gallery, and we must ensure they are rewarded fairly. For that reason, we thought carefully about the right balance between making the Mint Pass accessible and adequate for the artists’ quality.

  3. Give newcomers a chance to experience the Blind Gallery. One of my favorite parts of the event was seeing newcomers getting interested in the rich art history that was created in a short time. Therefore, we aimed for the right balance to allow new participants while maintaining an exclusive feeling.

The Blind Gallery 1st Edition Mint Certificate

The Blind Gallery 1st Edition Mint Certificate lets you get a Mint Pass with a 50% discount. There will be 500 reserved spots.

With those aspects in mind, we settled for the following numbers.

Price and Tokenomics

  • There will be 1300 Mint Passes.

    • We slightly increased the Mint Passes so more people can experience the event and be part of our community.

  • The Mint Pass price will be 20 Tezos.

    • We slightly increased the price to adjust to the Tezos value.

  • First edition collectors (with a Mint Certificate) will have 500 reserved spots that can be redeemed by burning the Mint Certificate + 10 Tezos (50% discount).

    • This will happen before the public sale - with a 6 to 8 hours window.

    • Everything happens on our website; please don’t burn the certificate yourself!

  • Each artist + the Blind Gallery team members will receive 1 Mint Pass.

Mint Pass for a Blind Gallery NFT

When you exchange your Mint Pass for a Blind Gallery NFT, you will also receive a Mint Certificate. This is an iconic piece to remember the event.

Stay Updated and Join the Conversation!

The best way to stay in the loop or ask questions is in the Blind Gallery Twitter account or Discord server. We will be running Mint Pass giveaways and guessing games there.


Until next time,

- Kaloh

PD: All Premium subscribers will get a Blind Gallery Mint Pass airdropped. This is only valid for those that subscribed before this announcement (Snapshot has been taken). Thanks for your support! 🙏

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