🏝 Art Basel Miami Beach Impressions

Here is a recap of what's happening around the biggest contemporary art fair in the world

Hey there! 🌴

Over the past few days, I’ve been attending the Art Basel and multiple crypto and generative art side events in Miami Beach.

Here is a glance at what’s happening here.

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Art Basel attracts over 250 of the world’s leading galleries in one place. The gallery area is massive; you probably need many hours to walk around and see everything in detail.

Kaloh @Kaloh_nft

I’ll get back to the #tezos area later So much to see 😱👇

8:23 PM ∙ Nov 30, 2022


The first hours are reserved for top collectors, who use this time to make big purchases. I heard someone spent $2.5M in the first two hours of the first day.


Untitled by Keith Haring (1978).

If you spend time walking around, you can spot masters like Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Banksy, and Jesus Soto.

Twitter avatar for @Kaloh_nft

Kaloh @Kaloh_nft

Found a Soto #ArtBaselMiamiBeach 👀 Armonía ambigua 1982 - wood and metal 👇


12:45 PM ∙ Dec 2, 2022

Tezos + FxHash had a fantastic booth designed to showcase generative art and the multiple innovations:

  • Minting experience.

  • Artwork traits, rarities, and randomization.

  • Learning material to help newcomers understand generative art and art on the blockchain.

Twitter avatar for @tezos

Tezos @tezos

Many thanks to all who participated and shared in discussion this week, and thank you for exploring Performance in Code: Deciphering Value in Generative Art, Powered by @tezos at @ArtBasel Miami Beach! 🌴 tezos.com/events/art-bas… #Tezos #ArtBasel


12:00 AM ∙ Dec 4, 2022


Feature explorer showing Udnē by DistCollective.

Feature explorer showing Udnē by DistCollective.

Besides the leading fair, events are happening every day. I am impressed by the number of exhibitions, galleries, gatherings, talks, and parties around crypto and generative art.

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Kaloh @Kaloh_nft

At Femgen / @verticalcrypto event Zurichlakes by @ix_shells

8:41 PM ∙ Dec 3, 2022


Tezos + Serpentine threw a welcoming pool party.

Tezos + Serpentine threw a welcoming pool party.

If you plan to visit Art Basel Miami Beach in the future:

  • Make a list of events and make sure you have set up your mobile wallet or QR token ready. NFTs are your entrance ticket to many of these events.

  • The Uber situation is crazy as everyone moves around Miami Beach (and sometimes around Miami) to get to the next event. Not sure if there is a solution, but expect traffic and expensive drives.

More photos and tweets from Art Basel:

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nft now @nftnow

Take a tour of #TheGateway with the one and only @beeple 🌀


5:24 PM ∙ Dec 3, 2022


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Art Blocks @artblocks_io

Pen Plotting? ✅ Good vibes? ✅ Squiggles Galore? ✅ come join us and our partners at NADA (1400 N Miami Ave)

8:55 PM ∙ Dec 3, 2022


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Kaloh @Kaloh_nft

Just got into #ArtBaselMiami #tezos x #fxhash right at the entrance… I’ll be sharing photos in this thread 👇


7:59 PM ∙ Nov 30, 2022


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ʌʌǝu‾‾‾‾ ░ 🇨🇭 in xxx @____nevv

omg - #MiamiArtWeek can't believe it! - this was such a great show and well curated panel - outpacing everyone's expectations during #artbaselmiami2022 -- Ty for organizing this @verticalcrypto team !


11:59 PM ∙ Dec 3, 2022


Twitter avatar for @Kaloh_nft

Kaloh @Kaloh_nft

7% to 8% global art market sales come from online sources - #ArtBaselMiamiBeach Conversations How fast will this number go up in the coming years 👀?


8:56 PM ∙ Dec 1, 2022


Talk to you soon!

- Kaloh

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