🎹 Find Out How Sam Tsao Converts Classical Music to NFT Art

Learn more about the electric and vibrant NFT art from Sam Tsao

Sam Tsao is a pianist who combines classical music and code to create NFT art. Originally from Malaysia, they are now living in Germany. Their collections feature electric color palettes, vibrant moves, and in many cases, unique interactions with the spectator. I highly recommend you open the original piece in your browser so you can appreciate and play with his creations to the full extent.

Blobby Beginning by Sam Tsao

Sam was introduced to NFTs by generative artists Josef Luis Pelz and has been creating for one year since then. Blobby was one of his early pieces, which was recreated on different platforms (e.g. on FxHash as an on-chain creation).

Can you tell me a bit about your creation process?

My process is like the 'themes and variations' technique from classical music. Some small concept or idea makes me curious and I try to make something with it, going through iterations and variations until I arrive at something I like.

🌱 Potted & Printed by Sam Tsao

What has been your biggest challenge in this space so far?

The challenges for me seem not so much tied to this space as it does to my practice as a relatively new artist. But I think separating the commercial aspect from the artistic aspect has been most difficult. Trying to figure out what works artistically and what works commercially are two different things.

It's hard not to conflate one with the other if you've only been making art for a couple of years.

Sam Tsao @sam___tsao

NEW DROP on the on-chain ‼ generative platform @EndlessWays_TZ on #tezos FIGURA an audiovisual piece inspired by the graphic scores of Roman Haubenstock and Cornelius Cardew, and the music of György Ligeti and Hans Abrahamsen. 10th March, 20PM CET endlessways.net/artworks/5


6:46 PM ∙ Mar 10, 2022


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Play/Opaque is a 500 pieces collection minted on FxHash. It is made of four shapes (square, cross, triangle, and circle), different grid types, and six different palettes.

“A grid of trailing shapes. Each shape in the line wants to be like the shape in front of it.”

play/plaque #239 by Sam Tsao (animated)

Among Sam’s favorite NFT artists are Alida Sun (@alidasun), Slightly Fancy (@slightlyfancy), Anna Lucia (@annaluciacodes), Ertdfgcvb (@andreasgysin), Nadieh Bremer (@NadiehBremer).

Pitter patter by Sam Tsao (animated)

What are your future plans in the NFT space?

I don't have concrete plans. I enjoy creating works and somehow, sharing it in the NFT space has brought me to places (not literally) that I've never been. It's not so much what I plan to do but rather what I plan to learn. And it's a lot!

Recently, Sam wrote a short article about applying classic music background to generative art. Don’t forget to follow Sam Tsao on Twitter to stay up to date with his new collections.

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