🎨 #30NFTartists30days Overview And Takeaways

I wrote one article per day about a different NFT artists during March, this is what I learned

As you might know, in March, I wrote one article about a different NFT artist every day. I shared those articles through my newsletter and the #30NFTartists30days hashtag on Twitter. It was an awesome experience, as I learned many things, chatted with very talented creators, and shared their stories which aren’t easy to find. This edition is a short recap of all the articles, in addition to my learnings and some geeky metrics 🤓

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What if I wrote an article per day featuring one artist - for 30 days straight… 🤔

1:18 PM ∙ Feb 21, 2022


This is what I learned:

  1. Most artists don’t know what they are creating. They don’t have a clear plan, and most of the time, they deviate from their original idea. The magic happens while working on their art, somehow.

  2. 90%+ of the NFT artists I interviewed joined the NFT space, thanks to hic et nunc, around March 2021.

  3. From a writing perspective, I thought it would be harder to deliver one edition per day. Thanks to all artists being very responsive and providing great answers, it was possible. Thanks to all of you that participated!

  4. There are too many talented artists out there, which made the selection process very hard. I tried to include creators I didn’t feature previously in my newsletter, so, unfortunately, many notable artists weren’t included.

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All editions had a great reception! but these three stood out:

Here are all the editions, in case you missed them:

1. 🌉 Camille Roux Joined Forces to Code Bridges

2. Robert Hodgin is Growing On The NFT Art World

3. 🏙 Yazid is Creating Simple, Minimal and Artificially Imperfect NFTs

4. 🌄 Find Out How Matt Perkins is Reusing His Life Sketches and Designs into Generative NFTs

5. Claus Wilke Turns Data Science Into NFT Art

6. A Short Walk Through Jinyao's Alley

7. Time, Improvisation and Warm Textures — The NFT Art of Andreas Rau

8. 🧠 Jenni Pasanen's NFTs Combine Artificial Intelligence with Human Creativity

9. 〰 Discover How Landlines Art is Creating Innovative On Chain NFTs

10. The Intersection Between Computers and Humans Inspire Rudxane NFTs

11. Simple Systems, Complex Outputs - The NFT Art of Leander Herzog

12. This Emerging Generative Artist Is Making Solid Strides

13. 🏢 Ismahelio is Mixing Architecture, Geometry and Code in His NFT Art

14. 🖼 From Astonishing Murals to Blockchain Art - Eltono Story

15. Raphaël de Courville is Coding Digital Carats 💎

16. 🎹 Find Out How Sam Tsao Converts Classical Music to NFT Art

17. 😺 From a Boring Office Job To NFT Best-Selling Artist - Goldcat's Story

18. 🐉 Discover the Creative Process of NFT Artist William Mapan

19. This NFT Artist Mastered Abstraction and Utility to Build a Thriving Community

20. Discover How Graphic & Sound Design, Journalism, and Teaching Influenced Mark Webster's NFTs

21. From Ape In Town To Bellissimas, Brutalist's NFTs Are Constantly Evolving

22. 🏜 Lunarean's Sandy Algorithm Produced Golden Dunes...

23. The Story About A Real OG Crypto Artists - A.L. Crego

24. 🔏 Hand Drawn, No Rulers - Tim Maxwell's NFTs Will Blow Your Mind Away...

25. 👾 Find Out How Galo's NFTs Make Pixels Dance

26. 🧱 Learn More About Victor Doval's Virtual Spaces

27. From Electronics Engineering to Worldwide Installations - Pablo Alpe's NFT Journey

28. 📝 Behind The Scenes Of NFT Poetry — Ana Maria Caballero

29. 🌿 Zancan Is Bringing Nature To The Metaverse

30. From FxHash to Art Blocks Curated, Marcelo Soria-Rodríguez Style Is One Of A Kind

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