🎊 Year in Review 2022 - Kaloh's Newsletter

Let's look at the 2022 highlights and my plans for 2023!

Hey y’all!

Kaloh here with the last email of 2022!

I would like to take the time to review everything that happened over this exciting year and share a bit about my 23’ plans.

🚀 Kaloh Substack Community

Exactly one year ago (December 28th, 2021), I turned on the Substack premium feature to offer additional content, access to my Discord server, and special airdrops. I had no idea what to expect.

Forever grateful to Claus Wilke, Culla, and an anon reader for hitting subscribe just a few minutes after!

Since then, we have grown to a community of ~7k art fans and ~250 premium members. This makes this Substack among the bestsellers in the platform and currently #16 in the crypto category — #1 for crypto art!

kaloh's substack bestseller

I’m also very proud of our Discord server, its members, and the deep discussions about artists, generative art, marketplaces, and Web 3.

✍️ Top Kaloh’s Newsletter Issues

I wrote 175 issues/emails. A mix of opinions, interviews, market analysis, and news about the generative and crypto art world.

Here are the best issues from this year.

Opinions and Reviews

Market Analyses

Artists Interviews

You can find the weekly digests history here.

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What started as a fun experiment to bring more attention to art instead of hype and names evolved into something much bigger.

In less than half a year, we collaborated with over 35 talented crypto artists and reached over 1,000 collectors.

Running the Blind Gallery has been super exciting and challenging at the same. The first two editions sold over 2k mint passes and was a great discovery channel for all kinds of artists.

It was overwhelming to see the massive support for the Blind Gallery Club. The public sales on fxhash sold out instantly, and the Club is now the home of 400 artists and collectors.

Blind Gallery @BlindGallery_

Hello, art fans 👁️ Today we are excited to introduce the next step for the #BlindGallery. The Blind Gallery Club! 1/19 🧵


9:49 PM ∙ Dec 7, 2022


Big plans for 2023

We have been brainstorming and setting our goals for next year. There are great things in the works already, and I can’t wait to share more news.

I suggest you sign up for the Blind Gallery newsletter to receive all the updates.

Putting art first. Mint an NFT from a mysterious artist.

By Kaloh

The Blind Gallery is looking for a Marketing Manager. If you are interested, reach out to kaloh@substack.com.

✈️ Traveling

In 2022, I had the chance to travel some of the most exciting events in the NFT art space. I met many amazing people, including readers, artists, collectors, and founders, who all share a passion for art, technology, and this new cultural movement (revolution?).

🇬🇧 Proof of People, London

I gave a workshop on How To Kick Start Your NFT Collection.

Proof of People, London

I had the chance to experience the fxhash live minting experience.

🇪🇸 NFT Show Europe, Valencia

Tapas & paella. Read a summary of the event here: Field Trip Report: NFT Show Europe 22

NFT Show Europe, Valencia

I had the chance to moderate a generative art panel with an outstanding lineup of artists.

Zancan print

I was lucky to get a signed Zancan print!

🇲🇽 Bright Moments, Mexico City

I presented The State of the Generative Art Market, saw amazing art, and listened to the best panels and talks in the generative art world.

Twitter avatar for @Kaloh_nft

Kaloh @Kaloh_nft

Right now @REAS and @zachlieberman talking about how they started doing #genart back in the 2000s at @brtmoments


8:43 PM ∙ Nov 17, 2022


🇺🇸 Art Basel, Miami Beach

I visited Art Basel Miami Beach and multiple side events. Read a summary 👉🏝 Art Basel Miami Beach Impressions.

Twitter avatar for @Kaloh_nft

Kaloh @Kaloh_nft

Just got into #ArtBaselMiami #tezos x #fxhash right at the entrance… I’ll be sharing photos in this thread 👇


7:59 PM ∙ Nov 30, 2022


🎨 Art Creation

I released two generative art collections on fxhash. My goal was to learn and put myself in the shoes of the generative artist.

I’ve taken time to digest everything I have learned from artists, collectors, tools, and art over the past year. One of my goals for the next year is to create generative art more frequently.

What’s next?

As they say, you don’t change a winning team!

Here is a summary of what you can expect going forward:

  1. Writing: I’ll continue to write two weekly issues —sometimes less, sometimes more. The first issue will consist of a market analysis, an opinion, an artist interview, or something related to generative and crypto art. The second issue will be a weekly digest.

  2. Blind Gallery: You can expect a Blind Gallery edition every 4 to 6 months, the next one happening in early 2023. As I said, we are working on exciting things (from different angles, hopefully, it will be surprising 😉).

  3. Analytics: I’ve been prototyping an analytics tool for collectors and artists. This will bring transparency and consistency to my market analyses and the whole space. It should be ready Q1 2023 (!).

  4. Art: As I said earlier, one of my goals is to find time to code and create art myself. I will give it a shoot next month at the #genuary online event.

Thank you all for your support 🙏!

See you next year,

- Kaloh

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