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A new year brings new goals and opportunities to grow together...

A new year brings new goals and opportunities to grow together in this exciting, once in a life time-space. This year, I’ve been super lucky to discover NFTs, become a writer and collector, and more importantly, I’m super thankful to all of you for reading me over all these months! I’ve been thinking a lot about the next steps for my newsletter and the passionate community of artists, collectors, and fans that are part of it.

I am launching a Premium Subscription for Kaloh’s newsletter on the 3rd of January!

This subscription is a way to get more content, insights and play a more significant role in this community. It will also let me continue to work full time in this space 😀!

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So how will it work? I’ll continue to release plenty of public content, as it is crucial for me to reach the continuous wave of newcomers into the NFT space. Education to break the barriers is vital for this space to continue growing; I feel a responsibility to help as much as I can.

1. Premium content, six times a month

From now on, I will be turning one of my weekly posts for premium subscribers only. In addition, I will write an additional premium post. Therefore, I’ll be writing five posts per month, and two of those will be for premium subscribers only. As you have probably noticed, I’ve been putting a lot of effort into FxHash market research and analysis. I will continue to release the spreadsheets twice a week, but the data reviews - such as opportunities to take - will be for subscribers only. I’ll share the spreadsheet and the insights for premium members only. In a nutshell:

  • ~2 Premium posts per month, ~3 public posts (there might be surprise posts from time to time).

  • Summary of the week and market analysis data will be public, but market analysis insights will be premium.

The content will continuously oscillate between NFTs and artists, new crypto trends, crypto stories, and market analysis.

2. Access to Kaloh’s Discord Server

Discord servers are unique places because they allow for a deeper connection between collectors, artists, and fans. I’m very excited to launch my Discord server to facilitate intimate discussions about NFTs, art, collecting, and flipping among my readers. What can you expect from it?

  • Be part of a private and tidy community of NFT enthusiasts - no scammers wink 😉.

  • Discover and share exciting projects, artists and collections firsthand.

  • Engage with fellow artists, collectors, and crypto natives.

  • Q&A sessions, sneak peeks into upcoming articles, and feedback rounds (feedback works both ways, I will be sharing my ideas, but I’m also looking to hear from you about how to improve).

On the 4th of January, Premium subscribers will get a Discord invite.

3. Monthly Giveaway

Giveaways are a big part of the NFT because they bring exposure to projects and artists I admire while giving back to the community. I’ll be running a monthly giveaway for premium members every month.

To kick things off, I’ll be gifting a special NFT from my collection and a featured artist on my newsletter - Basqunk from Culla. I’ll pick a random premium subscriber on the 4th of January (Tuesday) at 8 pm Eastern Time - on my Discord server 😄.

Basqunk #82 by Culla (~50 XTZ floor)

Premium Subscription Details:

Monthly subscription: $12.50, $10.00*

Annual subscription: $137.00 $ 109.60*

*20% off, launch discount until 31st of January 2022.

Founding Member (Lifetime Subscription): $350.00

The Oficial kick-off is January 4th, 2022; premium members will receive an invite to the Discord server and start to receive premium posts.

Would you like to pay with crypto, or do you have questions? Hit me up at kaloh@substack.com

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I’m super excited about starting this new chapter in 2022. I wish all of you a happy new year, full of blessings, happiness, and prosperity ✌️

- Kaloh

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