🍾 Year in Review 2023 - Kaloh's Newsletter & Podcast

Started a Podcast, curated amazing art via the Blind Gallery and much more!

Hey friends!

I hope you're all having a blast this holiday season. This week, I'm pausing the Podcast and regular content for a bit of year-end reflection and recap.

What a ride it's been! Even with a somewhat sluggish market, I had no trouble discovering amazing art, incredible artists, events, and game-changing developments in the blockchain x art movement.

In today’s recap:

  • 📈 2023 in Numbers.

  • ✍️ Kaloh’s Newsletter Top 3 issues.

  • 🎙Kaloh’s Podcast Top 3 episodes.

  • 👁 Blind Gallery Yearly Summary.

  • 👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 Community Highlights and Rewards.

  • 🙌 Shootout to All the Sponsors.

  • 🤔 What’s Next: 2024?

    • New Content Structure.

    • Academy by Blind Gallery.

    • New Referral Program.

📈 2023 in Numbers

  • Recorded 26 podcast episodes.

  • Wrote 145 articles.

  • Gaveaway +500 Airdrops and Rewards.

  • Hit 10,000 subscribers.

  • Sent 1.2M emails.

✍️ Kaloh’s Newsletter Top 3 Issues

With the rapid pace of AI developments worldwide, AI art didn’t fall behind. I covered six artists and an exhibition at the forefront of the movement.

I reviewed BOTTO, an autonomous digital artist.

In 2023, Bitcoin Ordinals quickly gained momentum. I summarized the theory behind it in this issue.

🎙Kaloh’s Podcast Top 3 Episodes

I was pleased to meet and chat with Jason Bailey, aka Artnome. We had a great discussion about Right Click Save, Club NFT, his origins in art and NFTs, and the importance of securing your NFTs.

Sofia Garcia joined the Podcast a few weeks ago and shared the inspiring story behind ARTXCODE, her first physical and digital exhibitions, and brilliant insights for generative artists.

Will and Trinity from the Waiting to be Signed Podcast joined the show and shared on-point insights about fxhash generative art collections, artists, and much more before the Ethereum launch.

It was an exciting year for the Blind Gallery. We collaborated with over fourteen artists, curating and bringing multiple generative and AI art collections to life.

Here is a timeline of the releases…

Seed Edition

In February 2023, we collaborated with four outstanding generative artists to produce the Seed Edition. This marked the first show on fxhash for the Blind Gallery —therefore the ‘Seed’ name.

CIUDAD CENTRAL by Thomas Noya.

CIUDAD CENTRAL by Thomas Noya.

Limited Collections

We introduced Limited Collections to showcase individual series by one artist. Three outstanding creators released artworks in May, June, and July 2023.

Humans Being #22

Humans Being by JVDE.

Vistas Edition

In September 2023, I collaborated with Feral File, Casey Reas, and six outstanding generative artists to curate the Vistas Edition, inspired by nature and figurative landscapes made with computers and algorithms.

Dio #4 by Phenomena.

Dio #4 by Phenomena.

👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 Community Highlights & Rewards

Our community is a stellar mix of creators, collectors, and folks from powerhouse platforms and collectives like fxhash, PROOF Collective, Sotheby’s, Foundation, Art Blocks, Bright Moments, Alba.art, Super Rare, and heaps more. They're the driving forces behind the digital art movement.

It's seriously inspiring to watch how the blockchain art space is evolving day by day into this tech and artistic revolution.

I'm super thankful for all of you - the readers and listeners who engage, contribute, and share your insights.

Big shoutout to our Discord crew always buzzing with cool art shares, thoughts, and ideas. Thank you!

🎁 Premium Community Rewards

Here's a rundown of the airdrops, allowlists, and rewards dished out to our Premium community members over the past year. Remember, by getting a Premium subscription, you could score these perks, access our Discord, and all my Premium content.

  • 3 Refract Passes by Refraction DAO.

  • Over 200 Lens handles.

  • Limited physical prints by Anna Beller courtesy of Plateau Candy.

  • Multiple allowlist spots:

    • Wild releases, including The Boys of Summer by Mitchell F. Chan.

    • Retrospect by Kelly Milligan via Code Canvas.

    • Beasts by Ira Greenberg via EmProps.

    • Paul Pleiffer’s Vs. via Artwrld.

  • NFT Show Europe tickets discounts.

  • Kaloh’s Banner airdrop made by ThePaperCrane.

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🙌 Shootout to all the Sponsors

I had excellent opportunities to team up with some incredible brands, crafting one-of-a-kind art, products, and experiences.

Big shoutout to Wild, Joyn, Prohibition, Autonomy Wallet, Artgene, Hodlers, and NFTfi.

Huge thanks for your support!

If you're looking to connect with over 10,000 blockchain art enthusiasts, feel free to reach out here.

🤔 2024: What’s Next?

I've been tuning into your feedback and brainstorming the best ways to shape my content for what's ahead.

So, here's a sneak peek at what you can look forward to in 2024...

New Content Structure

  • 📕Deep Dives: I plan to spend more time researching and writing down ‘reports.’ Deep Dives will focus on an artist, a technology (e.g., a specific blockchain), or a complex concept (e.g., generative art).

    • When? Tuesdays.

  • 🎙Podcast: The Podcast will continue to be published weekly, with a wide range of guests in the blockchain art space.

    • When? Thursdays.

  • 💎 hidden gems: A new curatorial section to break through the noise and find high-signal blockchain art, products, and content.

    • When? Sundays.

  • 🗞 Monthly Recap: In case you miss it, this will summarize all my content, hot and upcoming artworks, community members’ highlights, blockchain art news, and more.

    • When? Last Tuesday of each month.

The last few months have been a bit quiet for the Blind Gallery… And that is because we have been heads down working on a new educational platform.

Stay tuned; more news will be shared in a few weeks!

👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 New Referrals Program

I made a few tweaks to the referral program.

You can invite your friends to my publication and earn rewards in return.

Refer a friend

Here is how it works:

  • Refer 1 friend: get access to my artists and artworks research database. This is where I keep track of fantastic art.

  • Refer 3 friends: join the private Discord community with over 300 artists, collectors, curators, founders, and blockchain art enthusiasts.

  • Refer 8 friends: get a shoutout in the upcoming newsletter.

I can’t wait for 2024 to kick off, keep growing our community, and witness the ongoing evolution of the blockchain art space.

Until next time,


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