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Happy new year! 🎉

A new year is here, and I’ve got a special limited-time new year special deal: Get 20% off your first year of Kaloh’s Newsletter.

That’s just $109.60 for an entire year - less than $0.30 a day.

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Here’s what you get as a paid subscriber:

  • Access to premium articles: I usually share two premium monthly articles, including generative art market analyses. In addition, you get access to the entire archive.

  • Access to my Discord server with over 200 generative and crypto art enthusiasts: my Discord server is a great place to discuss and critique generative art with like-minded artists and collectors, share information about upcoming drops and stay up to date in real-time with the latest news in the crypto art world.

  • Participate in monthly giveaways & airdrops: Since I started my premium subscriptions 1 year ago, I have gifted multiple airdrops such as Blind Gallery mint passes, numerous reserve spots, and artworks by generative artists like Ivona Tau, Culla, Aleksandra Jovanić, Sableraph and many more.

  • I’ve exciting surprises in the making that you definitely want to be part of.

Click the Magenta button and become a subscriber today - and I’ll see you in Discord.

Get 20% off for 1 year

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I wish you a fantastic 2023!

- Kaloh

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